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  1. I thought I'd post a question in this thread rather than start a new post.... I've just bought an X Touch and have set it up in CbB. It's working fine, but I'm having trouble controlling the EQ in the Pro channel. Pressing the EQ button once gets me control of the frequencies and Q factors for the active channel. Pressing the button again gets me some more parameters, and it cycles around various modes. But, at no point does it offer control of the EQ levels. Does anyone know if it's possible? I kinda assumed that the faders would control the levels in EQ mode, with the rotaries handling frequency and Q. But it seems not. (Paging @msmcleod, who seems to be the local X Touch guru!)
  2. @chuckebaby Basically when I created this project, I didn't notice that it was by default importing audio files, hence I dragged them in and assumed they were being referenced from their original location. I did quite a few edits before I realised this had happened. I'm after a direct and easy way to unlink these new files and use the originals, eg by selecting a clip and updating the link to the original audio file (a bit like updating a web link's target URL). In the end, I addressed this by deleting the imported files and then updating the links when prompted on reopening the file. It just seems strange that if I can update the links in this way, but there's no option to manually change them whenever I want to and without having to delete anything. For example, what if I accidentally clicked on the wrong file when finding the missing clips? Would there be a way to change the linked file again manually to fix that mistake? The main reason for wanting to do this is that I recorded a complete live gig, and I want just one copy of the source files, with individual project files for each song. I don't want to duplicate all the audio each time I work on a song, and I'd rather not cut up all the source files either. With sensible file naming it would be a simple matter to reconstruct things if the audio and project files ever got separated, since each song will be using the same source audio files.
  3. Not quite understanding - at what point in that process have we changed the referenced audio files?
  4. Hi all I've been working with a couple of project files, not realising that I had them set to copy imported audio to the default folder. I really wanted them to leave the referenced files where they were originally. These original files are still there, so I want to point the clips to these files and then delete the duplicated files. Since I've made some edits to the tracks already, I don't just want to delete the clips and drag the originals back in. When I view the "Associated Audio Files" from the clip, there is no option to change the file. Does anyone know a way I can do this? I suppose I could close the project, delete the files and then use the "can't find audio files" UI, but it seems weird there's no easy way to just do this manually. Thanks!
  5. Thanks everybody for the input - it's really helpful! It'll probably be a few days before I get a chance to work on this again (kids, work and gigs take up most of my time these days). I may come back with some more thoughts once I get further into it...
  6. Interesting - I've not come across clip fx before. Is this the main reason why you split them up like this, so you can have different processing for those different sections? There's nothing in this particular band's set that would need this (it's all acoustic, no pedals etc), but it'd be a good thing to know about in the future
  7. In terms of the backup issue people keep mentioning, I'm a bit puzzled. All of my audio files are synced to OneDrive, and right now I still have the originals on the USB drive from my mixer, so that's all good. But in any case, I thought all the editing was non-destructive anyway. I'm not using a bundle file - all of the audio files are externally referenced into the project, so should be unaffected I think? The comments above sound like my audio files would be in danger if I messed up somehow whilst editing & mixing, but I'm not sure how.
  8. So for using markers, presumably I need to set one at the start and one at the end of each song. How do I then select the exact chunk of time between them? Do I have to click-drag on the timeline, and if so will that snap accurately to the markers? (I'm not in my studio right now so can't check this yet) It'd be cool if you could mark a section, rather than just a single point in time.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys This particular band is all-acoustic, and the only between song change is when the bouzouki player switches to banjo (on the same channel). So, I guess that channel will need different EQ etc. Maybe I'll start by creating a new channel for banjo and cut/paste the relevant song sections over so I can work on the two separately. I reckon then I'll work on a rough mix, EQ etc for the whole file and then start breaking out individual projects for each song so I can properly focus on each one. I guess there's no exact right answer to this, but it's really helpful to hear how different people approach it! 👍
  10. Hi all My first proper project using Cakewalk is to take a live band recording (2 x 45 min sets, recorded as two separate long multitrack sessions) and turn it into a live album. Having created a project file with the files from the first set, I'm aware that I need to make some decisions about how I'm going to do this. If anyone has any good tips or best practice ideas I'd love to hear them. I have some initial questions: 1) Should I split up the songs into individual projects, or does it make more sense to keep the big project intact and export the relevant sections as individual songs? (I'm guessing the latter would be easier in terms of keeping a consistent sound from track to track, though it might become a bit of a handful to keep organised) 2) If I'm keeping it as one long project, what's the best way to manage the songs in terms of tagging and selecting the relevant chunks of time for export? Is there a way to select a time-span and name it as the relevant song, so I can easily select it later on with a single click? Or should I be splitting the clips to do this? Probably lots more questions to come as I get into this, but for now any and all advice would be welcome - thanks!
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