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  1. Hello Noel and Jesse I indeed have tried the 'Save as' option unsuccesfully. Ok, I'll anxiously wait for the new release You have a great product! keep up the good work! If I may give some feedback about what I would find usefull: - a progress window regarding an upload. - a way to edit the bandlabproject in Cakewalk (like the app on the phone) because the browser does not always work that well - the question above regarding mutiple uploads from the same project - keep developing the forkability! great idea! to make it more flexible, I need a way to keep a project within the bands controll. So being able to share it with an other Artist and still block it from being forked foreward. as an example on how we would use it: invite other singers for try outs, without them seeing the result of other singers on the try out. also we don't whant them to share it. - the ownership: Now, as I uploaded a song, it is 'owned' by me, even if I move it to a band. I'd like to have the possibility to set this as a band. like: who is the 'owner' of a song. Thank you for listening to my problem!! Kind regards Jeroen
  2. Ok, thank you Noel. Any idea when this will be made available? We are a big fan of bandlab! Can you perhaps suggest a way around this issue?
  3. Hello, Can someone please give me an answer? Kind regards, Jeroen
  4. Hey Apparantly it is natively built in Cakewalk to overwrite the projects: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=Mixing.57.html#:~:text=Click the Export button%2C then,Publish to BandLab dialog box.&text=Project Name.,from the Cakewalk project name. I have tried copying the cakewalk project and uploading a selection of the copy. But nevertheless it still overwrites the project. I must say that an additional popup or selection to choose between over-writing or creating a new project might be in place. It is really un-practical like this. I suppose that if I would create a different cakewalk project per take - it would work. That would also be unpractical during rehearsal. If this is a way to minimize data-usage on the servers of bandlab (by not alowing members to create endless copies of songs and then not use them anymore), then please just create a paying subscribtion. I'd be more than happy to pay for it! (also an unlimited upload minutes per project). Perhaps have a 'band subscription' for all the members of my band ( as it is: band-lab, get it? ). That would be a new one on the market as far as I know. The strange thing is, that I had and export of this cakewalk project at first, then did a software update of both cakewalk and bandlab assistant, and then did an other export of the same project. This resulted in having 2 projects in Bandlab. It is just that the 3rd export always over-writes the second one. Like the manual says above. What is the way around? How can I solve this without having to record every song in a different project, or exporting the tracks to separate clips or STEMs and importing these in Bandlab? Kind regards, Jeroen
  5. Hello We have a recording in Cakewalk of our rehearsal. This is 30min long and contains 3 songs. When I export a selection of that recording to bandlab, like the first song, everything is ok. Then when I export a different selection from the recording to bandlab it overwrites the first project that was created. I give it a different name. I have also tried to modify the recording, changing the name of the clips, closing/re-opening cakewalk and bandlab. These do not seem to work. How can I export multiple selections to different projects from the same recording? Kind regards Jeroen
  6. Hello, I have the same prolem. Did you find a sollution? Kind regards Jeroen
  7. Ok thanks Yes, I did select "clips" in the source category. This would be very helpfull. And also logical to have a sequential export of the clips. Furthermore, if you would make the "copy track(s) name(s) to clip(s) name(s)" function sequential, that would be the best. The export would just take over the name. Thanks! And I'm in full anticipation for a release containing this fix
  8. Thanks for the fast reply Noel! What exactly do you mean by setting the source category?
  9. Hello I am not able to export clips in the proper order of my recording. Let me explain by going true the process. I use Cakewalk by Bandlab in my band, to record rehersals, (multitrack, 4 tracks). This is typically a 2-3h single take. I let the record run during the complete rehersal. After the rehersal, I do some minimal editing (volume, pan lef right, etc) I bounce to new track ( to get a single track of the mix) I place markers where ever there is a new jam beginning, new take or song. I split the new track with the "split clips/split at each marker" function. Then I select the clips in the new track and export them to MP3 via the "file/export" funtcion. --> this results in all clips being exported to an MP3 file, unfortunatly with a randomized sequence number. the rehersal is 'shuffled'. Not very usable and pretty confusing. What i tried to solve this: - I tried to rename the markers: no succes - I tried to split the bounced track manually, not using the markers: no succes - I tried to rename the clips with the option in the tracks menu "copy track(s) name(s) to clip(s) name(s): no succes. It is interesting however, because the sequence number added to the clips is also randomised. My workaround is manually rename the clips. This is a very tedious job and I would like to automize this. So I looked at short key options, that I can use to write a script of some sort. -> there is no shortcut key to select the next clip -> there is no shortcut key to rename the clip All of this leaves me with no options at all... except for manual labour. Can you give me a solution of some sort? Am I doing something wrong? Best regards
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