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  1. Hi, recently i bougth Carbon Electra, a synth from Plugin Boutique. I have an issue, when play and record some midi data, and play the file, sounds good, but when i close the proyect and reopen the same, the audio changes, but the midi data no. Here is what Plugin Boutique support answer: Hi Guillermo, I hope you are well and many thanks for your patience. I have received the below information from the Carbon Electra developer regarding the issue that you are currently experiencing with the software... "Hi Thomas, Cakewalk has a bug with its internal state where it provides the incorrect sample rate to the plug-in when the plug-in requests the current sample rate after processing has resumed. 1): DAW host loads project or new plug-in instance, DAW host communicates sample rate to the plug-in correctly. 2): Host informs the plug-in that processing has begun, The plug-in requests the current sample rate, The host responds with an incorrect sample rate. The customer should report this to support their DAW host. Thanks, Elliot" I hope this helps and let me know if I can assist you with anything else. Anyone can help me? Thanks!!! and take care ourselves!!
  2. Hi, after do the instalation again, like JonD suggest, finally works!!! Thanks and i apologize for wasting your time 🙂!
  3. ok in a coupleof hours i will do it, and please help, none of the anterior updates need to no nothing
  4. Im install the update in spanish, maybe i try the english version
  5. i dont know if the download was corrupt, i made the update twice, and i had the same result, lucky the rollback was good
  6. In both cases, CbB dont pass the splash screen, an yes, the error opening is from the bandlab assistant
  7. But why in the other version dont need to do that? I rebbot my system 3 times and keeps freezing on the splash screen, and none of other programs, like Virtual instruments in stand alone mode dont need to do any driver change. after i install the update, the bandlab app says that cannot open Cakewalk.exe, and i try to run as administrator as the popup says, and the app keeps freeze.
  8. The program just freezes at the start point!!! What happened? The program never do this until this new update!!! I have to rollback to the 2020.08
  9. The program just freezes at the start point!!! What happened? The program never do this until this new update!!!
  10. Hi, i have a similar issue but not only with midi data, audio data have the similar issue. I need to change the buffer size and the sample rate several times before the audio comes normal. If any of you have a solution please share, this is annoiyng.!!
  11. This is really bad!! Im upset!!!! I work on proyects on Sonar and works perfectly in CbB, but when i go to clean out the audio folder (which is a normal procedure when you finish your work, to clean all the innecesary data) when i open the proyects again, THE AUDIO IS GONE!!!! IM REALLY ANGRY, this *****ed up ALL MY WORK!!! im sorry for this post so agressive but i cant describe righy now how im felling!! because i know this cannot be reversed!! PLEASE FIX THIS !!!!
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