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  1. Oh im sorry for not to explain well. No, i dont have any midi fx, I use Sampletank 3 and migrate all the sounds and midi channels to sampletank 4 and seems to free some ram, but the issue persist.
  2. White 2a is a compressor, but I disable all the fx and still have the issue I already email to cakewalk hoping they can help me
  3. How can i check this option? i have Ik multimedia White 2A in some fx, everything are simple eq
  4. Hi, anyone have this issue? I have a large midi project, and i have midi notes dropouts, even if i mix the song, this dropouts are random, things that never occured preivously. I hava a midi buffer size in 1000 ms, i read another discussion, and apparently, then can increase more, but in my computer dont let me pass the 1000 ms barrier. Help me please, i have work to do. I have a Icore i5, 16gb ram, Win10 64bits. Thanks!
  5. i have maximun buffer size and i have this dropouts, even if i mix the project. Somebody for help!! I have work to do.
  6. Hi Billy, how do you put the buffer in 2500??? I have issues with this topic and I can't increase the size over 1000
  7. i dont know how to describe it, its more like glitches, one note, when i exported to Wav, none of this clicks are present. Maybe i will what you do.
  8. No, this clicks are different, i know thw clipping noise sounds like distortion, this is more like if you make noises with a turntable
  9. Anyone have this issue? When I exported my mixes to mp3 direct from Cakewalk, i noticed that generates random clicks and pops and the mix doesn't have any of this noises. Seems that in wav format doesn't have this issue.
  10. Hi, recently i bougth Carbon Electra, a synth from Plugin Boutique. I have an issue, when play and record some midi data, and play the file, sounds good, but when i close the proyect and reopen the same, the audio changes, but the midi data no. Here is what Plugin Boutique support answer: Hi Guillermo, I hope you are well and many thanks for your patience. I have received the below information from the Carbon Electra developer regarding the issue that you are currently experiencing with the software... "Hi Thomas, Cakewalk has a bug with its internal state where it provides the incorrect sample rate to the plug-in when the plug-in requests the current sample rate after processing has resumed. 1): DAW host loads project or new plug-in instance, DAW host communicates sample rate to the plug-in correctly. 2): Host informs the plug-in that processing has begun, The plug-in requests the current sample rate, The host responds with an incorrect sample rate. The customer should report this to support their DAW host. Thanks, Elliot" I hope this helps and let me know if I can assist you with anything else. Anyone can help me? Thanks!!! and take care ourselves!!
  11. Hi, after do the instalation again, like JonD suggest, finally works!!! Thanks and i apologize for wasting your time 🙂!
  12. ok in a coupleof hours i will do it, and please help, none of the anterior updates need to no nothing
  13. Im install the update in spanish, maybe i try the english version
  14. i dont know if the download was corrupt, i made the update twice, and i had the same result, lucky the rollback was good
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