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  1. Yes thank you! Already figured out!!!
  2. Please tell me: why is there no Reverb in my mixer? On the right screen it is (this is a video and YouTube), but on the left I don’t have it!
  3. On the official website in update 3.0.1, they crossed out a message about solving this problem: "BUG FIXES General Loading the plug-in in Cakewalk could cause a crash. Loading the plug-in in Cakewalk is now less likely to cause a crash." Need update 3.0.2
  4. Help me please! Is it possible to assign a Keyboard Shortcut in the Note Editor to "Triple" and "Dot" (for a note with a dot)?
  5. Thank you for this question !!! He helped solve the problem. Indeed, the key of the Fa note was somehow reassigned to another function !!! The problem is solved !!!
  6. When recording using the midi-keyboard, I found the following bug: The note key "Fa-1" does not work. And it does not work only in Sonar by BandLab. The keyboard itself, M-Audio Code 25 , is new and fully operational. Even when changing the octave, the note “Fa-1” does not work on another key. I am attaching a video in which this bug is visible and audible: 1 - The Sonar Platinum — works; 2 - In Cubase Elements 9.5 — works; 3 - In Pro Tools 12 — works; 4 - In Sonar by BandLab - DOES NOT WORK !!! What is the reason for this bug, I can’t understand!
  7. mefodia

    Piano Roll view

    This is clear! I use Piano Roll only for MIDI!!!
  8. mefodia

    Piano Roll view

    I solved my problem: the Screenset function was to blame for everything. Piano Roll was just hiding. Choosing Screenset01 Piano Roll appeared.
  9. mefodia

    Piano Roll view

    I did not associate a keyboard with another function.
  10. mefodia

    Piano Roll view

    Yes! I using top row 3! "Does it work from Views > Piano Roll View [Menu Bar]?" - Does not work in Menu Bar!!! It doesn’t open at all !!!
  11. mefodia

    Piano Roll view

    After the October 2019 update, the Piano Roll view (Alt+3) in Cakewalk by BandLab does not open. Help solve the problem, please.
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