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  1. Has anyone been able to get this to work with an actual Mackie HUI? I have one, and it sure it sluggish, right down to the point where it crashes CbB. Went through all kinds of troubleshooting on this awhile back. Just no luck. 😟😞
  2. I've requested this numerous times over numerous years. Is there a chance of updating the Remove Silence feature (Process-Apply Effect-Remove Silence) to have a graphical interface like Pro Tools' Strip Silence feature? https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/using-pro-tools-strip-silence-function If anything is an inefficient waste of time when working on a session, this is it, especially after bouncing multiple tracks. Because it doesn't work right, I have to MANUALLY go through every track to trim out unused sections. No, it's not as sexy a feature request as the Arrangement tool, but man, would it save me a whole heaping lot of time!!!!!! Could you PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE do this for us? Thanks, Rick
  3. Hi, Mark. Thanks for the updated installer. I tried it, but things were not much different except things seem to happen a little faster. It mostly stays offline, but still toggles on and offline, though it stays offline for longer periods now. I noticed the bank switching is now responding, though with a very long lag in response time. The meters seem to be coming into play faster than before, but still with latency. And it still appears to keep streaming data after stopping the transport in the Timecode/Feet/Beats display, and the meters are still moving even after stopping. Eventually it does stop after about 30 seconds, though I never really timed it. It seems like data from CbB is going into a buffer in the HUI, then being delayed somehow. The lights on the transport buttons are working now, but also with a lag in response. I have a feeling the key is in figuring out the online/offline thing. Apparently the real HUI is a different beast than devices using HUI protocol. It's easy to think something is wrong with my HUI, but then I go back to Pro Tools and it works great. Drat. Thanks, Rick
  4. Hi, Mark! I have an actual Mackie HUI here. Works great with Pro Tools, but having problems with CbB. First off, I notice there are 3 .DLLs, so I'm not sure which to use, but I used the first one. The faders are loading at startup, and the scribble strips are showing data, but when I first hit play, the HUI display erratically keeps going from active to Offline mode. After a short while, the Time Code/Feet/Beats display updates, then goes blank when it goes offline again. After that, the meters start to work, but then the sound starts to seriously degrade. I have Signal LEDs + Meters on. The pan/send rings are lighting up, though, and they do work as pan knobs. At this point, when I hit the stop button, it doesn't do anything, so I have to use the space bar on my keyboard to make it stop, but the Time Code/Feet/Beats display keeps running until it eventually stops. There seems to be a latency happening or something. None of the transport buttons light up when you use them except for the Stop button. I can get it to play and stop, though, when I hit the buttons. Sometimes there's also a lag when I hit the play button, but not always. The RTZ button works. I've shut down Windows and restarted the PC, but the results are the same. A few times I also got the Blue Screen of death while trying to get it to stop. I am not able to switch banks. When I close a session or shut down CbB, the faders do not zero out, and the scribble strip data does not clear out. I have to turn the HUI off and back on to get it to clear out. I do not have any other control surfaces set up in CbB. Sorry, not trying to complain, it just isn't working too well for me. :-( The firmware on my HUI is 1.45. I'm using the latest build of Windows 10, and just downloaded the latest version of CbB today on 10/10/19. I shot a video if you want to see. Dropbox? Rick Torres
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