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  1. Too much complicated. it should be easier than just modify the tempo then the whole project adjust to that new tempo. Lower or higher.
  2. There must be real soon, the option to have the possibiity of stretching all audio into a project when applying tempo changes. And shurely the suggestion of all users. it is, to my eyes, urgent. This is my suggestion for now. Thanx.
  3. Hi everybody. i strongly believe that there should be key shortcuts for vertical and horizontal zooming in cakewalk by bandlab. Like for exemple : ctrl+arrow up/down for vertical zooming and ctrl+arrow left/right for horizontal zooming. That would be really great. Thanx.
  4. Hi, i have a suggestion. It should be possible to stretch all audio files of a project adjusting with the tempo control. like it is in many other DAWs. That's it. Thank you.
  5. There should be a fast and easy way to transpose and modify an audio clip or an entire track with +/- for transposing and arrow up/down for volume. That would be very useful like it is in acid. Thanx.
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