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  1. I'm trying the same thing, too. Indeed, reason 10 Lite does not appear in the Rewire section of the CbB Browser, I can only see Melodyne 4. This is strange to me because in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Propellerhead Software\ReWire... ReWire.dll is installed. Why?
  2. I don't know if I'll be wrong, but have you tried to select the desired part of the clip from Contruction Loop? From there you should be able to change the duration of a specific tempo.
  3. I understand then that when using Windows 7 there will be no other option available other than MME, unless you were using a UWP-compatible device under Windows 10. Thank you.
  4. Hi razor7music. My opinion is that an audio interface or Microsoft should not interfere with your creative process. Windows 10 is not a good operating system for professional audio. Consume unnecessary resources derived from apps that you can't control at 100%, Cortana for example. I see it as if Windows 10 on your machine is directed by Microsoft ahead of your needs, while Windows 7 is well installed and fully configurable to optimize to work with a compatible DAW, yet and lacking support. If your current DAW works properly under the latest version installed on Windows 7, I wouldn't make my life too difficult. They sell audio interfaces from Roland, Steinberg... with drivers for Windows 7 and at very competitive prices to be professional interfaces. There are all kinds of entrances and exits for a small price. Total, if you're using a Windows 7 that doesn't even support a flu virus. How important can the latest Cakewalk update be? If you can make good music with a Tracker or with Sonar X1 LE. What can't you do with your current Cakewalk? Greetings.
  5. Hi Grant. How did you solve that problem? I in Audio Devices have selected the input and output of Roland UA-33 TRI-CAPTURE. But in the Mode Driver section of MIDI / Playback and Recording, I have selected MME and it does not offer me another option. Greetings, Antonio
  6. Thanks Bob. It has worked by following in your steps, although changing usb port. Good weekend. Greetings.
  7. Hi. The same goes for win7 Pro after last updated 2019.12 (Build 26, 64bit). It's a Roland A49 keyboard. With Cakewalk Artist it works, but there in MIDI/Playback and Recording, there is no MME or DRIVER MIDI. Obviously the matter is MME. Nor by renaming or deleting TTSSEQ I have managed to solve. Any ideas? Happy new year!!
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