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  1. Florian Cedard

    Bug After MAJ

    Hello, since the January update, it is impossible for me to work on my song, I have this error message every time. I have tried copying all of my audio files to a new project but nothing helps. An idea ? thank you in advance
  2. Thanks a lot ! I never find this ! it will make my life easier 😁
  3. Florian Cedard

    Console view

    Hello everybody ! After 2 years of using Cakewalk, I would like to know if it is possible to move the tracks and Bus in the console view. Or maybe this option is not available? Or maybe I looked very badly 😅 thank you 🙂
  4. Yes i understand now ! Thank you so Much for take your time with my problems! Have a nice day Florian
  5. Yes i dont have open a new project without plugin 😅 Because for my guitar I play only with my plugins ^^
  6. thank you very much !!! I'm going to contact them.
  7. Hello, here is the link google drive. I put all my recent minidumps https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OwAjO_BKAOVbSan0xZYnUvyeEco0Dfr6 Thanks !
  8. I have 6 Minidump in 9 days 😅 _10072019_213906.dmp
  9. So for my computer, I have this config Processor: Intel i7-8700 3.20GHz Ram: 16 GB Motherboard: ASUS TUF B360-PRO GAMING For my audio card I have a Steinberg UR44
  10. hello, thank you for your answer. cakewalk stops either when I mix or when I record. for Plugin I use mainly, waves, STL tones, Superior Drummer 3, TSE x50, soundtoys, fabfilter and Kontakt 6 for the minidump file I take care of it as soon as I'm home thank you
  11. I dont use ozone, but I sympathize with your problem
  12. I try to start a new project but i have the same bug too. I dont understand Why i dont have any error message when Cakewalk close.
  13. yes on all my projects. I answer you when I come home from work Thank you anyway
  14. Thanks for answer I did an update last week, has news come out since?,
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