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  1. Yes i understand now ! Thank you so Much for take your time with my problems! Have a nice day Florian
  2. Yes i dont have open a new project without plugin 😅 Because for my guitar I play only with my plugins ^^
  3. thank you very much !!! I'm going to contact them.
  4. Hello, here is the link google drive. I put all my recent minidumps https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OwAjO_BKAOVbSan0xZYnUvyeEco0Dfr6 Thanks !
  5. I have 6 Minidump in 9 days 😅 _10072019_213906.dmp
  6. So for my computer, I have this config Processor: Intel i7-8700 3.20GHz Ram: 16 GB Motherboard: ASUS TUF B360-PRO GAMING For my audio card I have a Steinberg UR44
  7. hello, thank you for your answer. cakewalk stops either when I mix or when I record. for Plugin I use mainly, waves, STL tones, Superior Drummer 3, TSE x50, soundtoys, fabfilter and Kontakt 6 for the minidump file I take care of it as soon as I'm home thank you
  8. I dont use ozone, but I sympathize with your problem
  9. I try to start a new project but i have the same bug too. I dont understand Why i dont have any error message when Cakewalk close.
  10. yes on all my projects. I answer you when I come home from work Thank you anyway
  11. Thanks for answer I did an update last week, has news come out since?,
  12. Hello everyone, for some weeks I have serious bug on cakewalk. my software closes alone during my work sessions, with no warning message or bug report. and this bug is driving me crazy, I lost 5 hours of recordings last time. In addition to these, Cakewalk often bug because of my virtual instruments, without my being able to save my work (as the error message indicates) if you have solutions I'm interested! thank you in advance :) ps: sorry for my english i'm french 😅
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