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  1. And I can use a proper video editor to sync (I do this regularly when working on film edits: I'm in the drafting/ideas stage where I'd like some very basic functionality with video exporting). 🙄
  2. I'm not asking for it to be a video editor! Just some basic functionality: why have video/audio export available if you can only export the entire video?
  3. Thanks for your input, but, not realy helpful. I simply want Cakewalk to export the video selection in sync with the audio selection I've chosen. I am aware of timestamping: I'm hoping to send 4-5 versions of the same take with different audio options for each version. I'm aware the director could import my audio output themselves, but, this will slow the process down considerably, as, I'll be doing this over hundreds of sections of the film. In an era where so many of us audio engineers are working in multimedia contexts, Cakewalk really needs to get a little more sophisticated here.
  4. Hey Ronman, The same way you automate anything in Cakewalk (lots of documentation of this online). Personally, I use the write enable button on the channel I wish to automate (and remember to turn it off when you're done). cheers
  5. Hi there, I'm currently completing sound design for a film. I'm in Cakewalk doing my audio edits and, I want to export selections of the sound/video from Cakewalk to the director for approval. After making my selection on the timeline, Cakewalk exports the entire video with the sound selection at the start of it! Pretty useless! Please tell me I'm doing something wrong! I really don't want to have to export the audio, attach it myself in a video editor for each edit I make. Adam
  6. +1. This has been a common complaint across a few threads. Sad to see them doing nothing about it still in 2021.
  7. Hi @Noel Borthwick, As requested, reporting a Cakewalk fault on this thread. I'm a pro user who is a hybrid mixer (a digital/analog integrated setup) and make use of the 'external insert' function within Cakewalk. The first problem I'd like to report, which I know you're aware of, is the external insert only allows two mono returns, but, does not allow two mono sends (and, when assigning analog outboard in the input and output drivers in Cakewalk preferences, we only have the option to label things in stereo pairs). This is a major functional flaw for a hybrid mixer, as, it means we can't send two mono analog returns to two consecutive analog inputs as Cakewalk will route a stereo signal through to them from one channel, thus, making the second channel unusable. So, for example, I have an 1176 compressor and an LA2A compressor in my rack, routed to inputs 1 and 2 consecutively, and routed to outputs 1 and 2 consecutively. I would like to insert the 1176 to a mono bass track in channel 1 on cakewalk, and, insert the LA2A to a vocal track in channel 2 on cakewalk. This is not possible: I have to assign the mono compressor across a stereo channel send and both mono compressors can only be used in the one track. For me to get two usable mono analog units inserted into Cakewalk, I have to route to two stereo sends on Cakewalk (so, one mono compressor will send to track 1-2 and the other mono compressor will send to tracks 3-4, even though, I only want them sending to one track), thus, wasting away precious DA converters that I've spent an enormous amount of money on. The second problem, which has only just started occuring since I updated to Build 120, 64 Bit, is when soloing a track with an external insert in the Cakewalk FX rack, the audio stops (while the session is still playing). This has been the case for a long time when soloing a buss with an external insert in the FX rack, but now, the same problem occurs when soloing a single track. I understand your priority is to not service your pro users who are hybrid mixers, but, this approach to mixing is becoming more common now, and, I'm sad to see Cakewalk getting behind with basic hybrid functionality. I've been using Cakewalk (as a pro) for over 15 years now, but, if a fix isn't offered soon, I'll be forced to start learning a new DAW, as, I've invested too much in my ADDA conversion to just waste channels with the multiple mono units I'd like to use. I really don't want to do this; I've been very loyal to Cakewalk and would consider myself an expert user, and, to relearn all the intricacies I know on Cakewalk, would be a massive pain, but, as hybrid mixing is a must in my studio, I have to use what works. I look forward to hearing from you (and happy to provide more information or conduct tests if necessary). regards, Adam Casey The True Vine Recording Studio Melbourne, Australia
  8. Thanks for your reply, @Noel Borthwick. I'll see if I can find that thread and post there.
  9. @Noel Borthwick - I recently updated & now I can’t solo any tracks, in any way, if using an external insert. For pro users who are hybrid mixing, this is a disaster. Please don’t forget us. 😢 As mentioned previously, Cakewalk innovated with the external insert, but, are now behind the game. Look at the amount of people hybrid mixing on Instagram: you are not servicing a huge market.
  10. @Noel Borthwick: thank you for your reply! As you can see, there are a lot of us that are frustrated by this issue. I've been using stereo buss compressors as external inserts for the last year and hadn't noticed it, but now, I have some mono 1176 compressors and LA2A compressors and I cannot send them individual mono signals like everybody else. I've been using Cakewalk for over 10 years and I swear by it, but, please, put this one up higher on the priority list as a favour to your pro users!
  11. Thanks everyone for your answers. @Bill Phillips: yes, very aware I can do this, but, this is not useful for composition, only for playback. I'm talking about dragging out non-tempo dependent loops in the same manner you would with a groove clip, but free of tempo, it just extends the clip based on its own tempo. You can do this in Adobe Auditon, for example. I think the only way to do it is the way @Kevin Perry specifies (duplicating the clip over and over), which, is exactly what I do, and, believe me, I resent this method deeply! I really don't understand why freeform looping isn't a feature; it's a super basic add on, I imagine.
  12. Hey everybody, Just wondering, for years I've been waiting for Cakewalk to give me the option to freeform loop (ignoring tempo), but, still, it doesn't seem it's possible, so, I end up copying and pasting. For me, I often am looping sound design work for theatre/dance/film soundtrack work, and, I don't want it to stretch the audio, and, their tempo is irrelevant in the design. How I wish I could do this: any tips? And if you're listening, Bandlab, I pray you implement a freeform looping feature in a future update! cheers, Adam
  13. Very excited to see the implementation of the 'Arranger track' function. Just started playing with it and it's certainly not seamless on my system ("Create arbitrary song sections anywhere on the project timeline, then later string them together for seamless playback"). Very jerky when it jumps to different sections (an audible gap/jitter). I have a high powered system (10 core/3.5GHZ, 64 gig ram). Would be great if it truly were seamless. Good news is that when I export the arrangement the gaps/jitter is gone (but there is an audible 'click'; I'm sure if there were a crossfade option this issue could be resolved?). Anyway, I like where this is going, but, it's not quite usable in a professional client-based context yet (I use Cakewalk in a pro studio). cheers, Adam
  14. Nevermind: I've just discovered the tabs below the track inspector that are listed as 'display/audio/midi'. I needed to select the midi tab.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm using Cakewalk by Bandlab Version 2020.01 (the latest update) and cannot find the 'snap to scale' function. I simply want to 'drag all' notes and for them to remain in the scale of the song. Can someone please help me find this function in the latest version? The help documentation is really outdated (only referencing X2 and X3: they really need to update this) and the track inspector doesn't include a snap to scale function as far as I can see. regards, Adam
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