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  1. Thanks everyone for your answers. @Bill Phillips: yes, very aware I can do this, but, this is not useful for composition, only for playback. I'm talking about dragging out non-tempo dependent loops in the same manner you would with a groove clip, but free of tempo, it just extends the clip based on its own tempo. You can do this in Adobe Auditon, for example. I think the only way to do it is the way @Kevin Perry specifies (duplicating the clip over and over), which, is exactly what I do, and, believe me, I resent this method deeply! I really don't understand why freeform looping isn't a feature; it's a super basic add on, I imagine.
  2. Hey everybody, Just wondering, for years I've been waiting for Cakewalk to give me the option to freeform loop (ignoring tempo), but, still, it doesn't seem it's possible, so, I end up copying and pasting. For me, I often am looping sound design work for theatre/dance/film soundtrack work, and, I don't want it to stretch the audio, and, their tempo is irrelevant in the design. How I wish I could do this: any tips? And if you're listening, Bandlab, I pray you implement a freeform looping feature in a future update! cheers, Adam
  3. Very excited to see the implementation of the 'Arranger track' function. Just started playing with it and it's certainly not seamless on my system ("Create arbitrary song sections anywhere on the project timeline, then later string them together for seamless playback"). Very jerky when it jumps to different sections (an audible gap/jitter). I have a high powered system (10 core/3.5GHZ, 64 gig ram). Would be great if it truly were seamless. Good news is that when I export the arrangement the gaps/jitter is gone (but there is an audible 'click'; I'm sure if there were a crossfade option this issue could be resolved?). Anyway, I like where this is going, but, it's not quite usable in a professional client-based context yet (I use Cakewalk in a pro studio). cheers, Adam
  4. Nevermind: I've just discovered the tabs below the track inspector that are listed as 'display/audio/midi'. I needed to select the midi tab.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm using Cakewalk by Bandlab Version 2020.01 (the latest update) and cannot find the 'snap to scale' function. I simply want to 'drag all' notes and for them to remain in the scale of the song. Can someone please help me find this function in the latest version? The help documentation is really outdated (only referencing X2 and X3: they really need to update this) and the track inspector doesn't include a snap to scale function as far as I can see. regards, Adam
  6. Okay: I'm more confused than ever. I tried a few different things to replicate the problem. I created a new instrument track (not a Kontakt instrument; an Arturia synth) and played a note over the tempo change and it was clean I copied and pasted the midi track that was in the channel that was popping into the Arturia track and their was a popping sound over the tempo change I tried deleting the midi note in the kontakt channel and reinserting it, and, I'm still getting the popping. In conclusion, I think the problem is a Cakewalk glitch, but, not easy to replicate consistently.
  7. Btw, the midi instrument being used is Kontakt. I'll see if I get the same problem with a different instrument: bear with me.
  8. Hi Robert, Yes: I've solo'ed the tracks to confirm. The popping is definitely only related to the sound sources triggered by midi (not just one instance; there are three that all pop in the same way the moment the playback hits the tempo change. There is nothing in the event window excepting the single midi note.
  9. Hi there, I'm getting a bug that's really annoying. I've got a couple of droning (single note) midi sounds, and, I have a tempo change in the session, and, at the moment the tempo changes, the droning midi tracks create a loud popping sound. I'm using the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab. Anybody else having this problem? Is there a way around it? Can Bandlab please address this in the next version? regards, Adam
  10. That's great to hear: I look forward to that, Ben!
  11. Hey there, When I drag out a really long note in piano roll (say, more than 100 bars) the edit functions disappear and I just get a selection icon, but, the resize and move icons are no longer available to me. So, this means, when I create a long midi drone note I can't edit its length. It's driving me crazy: anybody know a fix? Hopefully it's not a bug and I'm doing something wrong. cheers, Adam
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