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  1. Thx Mark yes, yes, yes, an outdated theme was the culprit, sorry for bothering! my bad
  2. can't see the "Archived" track sign in space.....wonder if only me Win 7 left behind
  3. https://www.bandlab.com/davidtong/albums/d3036ea9-b85b-ec11-94f6-0004ffd34483 Hi folks, 1st time uploaded my album to Bandlab , this is my music collection from 2016-17 , mostly Jazz fusion stuff, with juz a guitar and midi programming ,they r free for streaming and download , though, could tip me over there using "support me"
  4. the assistant is so buggy all the time, i couldn't even log in dunno since which ver, (win7),juz abandon it and use DL link already
  5. can't log on to assistant since few ver before, anyway i ll stick onto old ver since i m still on win 7
  6. ThankYou Tonemangler , yes it was the 0 +enter in last ver to enable nudge, but juz seems its gone, and tried all keys without luck, cakewalk is pretty good at hiding stuff
  7. under win 7 (yes) the latest ver cant move with nudge even pressed 0 initially........also is there a shortcut switching btw cilp gain and clips or others ? like the good old days?
  8. Thx Larry, i was trying to narrow down any possibilities too, seems those mono tracks r fine, only stereo tracks r problematic, my only workaround now is to switch the algo to Radius advance and wait long time for each track to mixdown.....
  9. wonder if anyone experience the same, i m working on multiple drum tracks edited with audiosnap, and i want to bounce them to save resource, and it stopped and stalle d at around 90%, my project is at 24/96, on a Win 7x64 system; i tried with diff algo , seems like Radius can get thru only it takes forever to bounce 1 track, elastique pro cannot
  10. yeah, strongly recommend a revert function on each update
  11. everything was ok b4 the latest update yesterday
  12. while freezing tracks with IK tracks 5 plugs, partial begining of the clip when silent
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