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  1. Thx Larry, i was trying to narrow down any possibilities too, seems those mono tracks r fine, only stereo tracks r problematic, my only workaround now is to switch the algo to Radius advance and wait long time for each track to mixdown.....
  2. wonder if anyone experience the same, i m working on multiple drum tracks edited with audiosnap, and i want to bounce them to save resource, and it stopped and stalle d at around 90%, my project is at 24/96, on a Win 7x64 system; i tried with diff algo , seems like Radius can get thru only it takes forever to bounce 1 track, elastique pro cannot
  3. yeah, strongly recommend a revert function on each update
  4. everything was ok b4 the latest update yesterday
  5. while freezing tracks with IK tracks 5 plugs, partial begining of the clip when silent
  6. Thank You chuck, shift +R click only toggle btw volume envelope and clips, i remembered i used to switch from filters using shift +tab, now its for "next audio transient....
  7. is there a shortcut to do that? it used to be simple and clean with just a "Tab" hit; this is so essential......
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