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  1. Hey Ben, I went to work with the screensets again this morning and it appears to work as it should now in the respect that I can assign a saved screenset layout to a project, save that project and upon reopening it, the project displays the last saved screenset format. So I would consider this issue solved. Rock on, Michael
  2. Hey team, Approaching April, any updates to share regarding this issue and solution? Thanks, Michael
  3. Hey team, Any updates to share on the screenset window size saving issue? Thanks, michael
  4. Hey team, any update on the screenset screen window size saving issue? It's been almost 2 months since the first request for this bug fix. Thanks, Michael
  5. Touching base with you and your team about the new larger screenset layout being applied to existing projects. Any word on this or ways that I can help you? Thanks, Michael
  6. Still waiting to hear back from you and your team about the new larger screenset layout being applied to existing projects. any word on this or ways that I can help you? Thanks, Michael
  7. Great, I look forward to testing the new build and giving you feedback. Rock on, Michael
  8. Hi Ben, Thanks for the update. I sent your colleague Mike a short video showing the issue in action. Here is a link to the video: https://mab.to/DoUmJ1FtG Note that it will expire soon, so please download it asap. Mike sent me a new build but it has the same problems. Any idea when the next release is due? Thanks for staying on top of this. Better to be a bit too busy than stagnant Cheers, Michael
  9. Hi Ben, Any news to share on the bug fix? Anything I can do to help, just let me know. Thanks.
  10. I am not sure as after I did the update and had the problem the only way for me to get back to the previous build was to do a Windows system restore and that only brought me back to 2019.07. For SURE the huge problem occurred with the 2019.09 update and the others were probably there much longer but I did not notice this until I started creating new projects in Bandlab Cakewalk in the past month or two. Hope this helps
  11. Hi Ben, Glad you were able to repro the issue. I have attached a couple more screenshots so you can see some of the other issues I am running into. I often get the inspector box pop up after working on a new project and then saving it when it gets pulled up from a playlist. The other issue is that sometimes the windows don't display the same way as I have saved them (using a template I created) when I play them from the playlist. Hopefully you and your team can address all these issues in the next update. Any time frame of when we might see the next update? We have been using Cakewalk since 3.1 and been endorsers for about 15+ years and are glad to see the improvements you are making to an already stellar program. If I can help further, just let me know. Thanks, Michael
  12. Working in the Playlist, when a selected song is playing and ends clicking next Start Next Song brings up the song with all the windows displayed correctly. The issue happens when during the currently playing song, I go and double click a different song in the list (not the one below the currently playing song). In this scenario, when the song ends and I click on Start Next Song, ONLY the track view is displayed. From the attached screenshot you can see the other windows minimized at the bottom of the screen as well as the next song loaded. This issue happened after installing the latest update this week. I have tried unchecking the Discard Project Changes and Pre Load Next Song in the File drop down box, but this did not solve the issue. This issue is a deal breaker for my live performances so your prompt attention to this is much appreciated.
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