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  1. Hi, Since I installed the latest Windows 10 update, I can't start Cakewalk. When I attempt to run it, a pop-up comes up that says "Please wait while Windows configures Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver." Then goes to another popup that says "Preparing to install". This will happen indefinitely, until I hit "cancel", at which point, the third popup will say "canceling", but will just hang there, and I can't close it. I just have to shut down the computer. I don't currently have any Steinberg hardware on my computer, so I don't know if this is something that Cakewalk now requires to be installed for everyone, or is a problem unique to my situation. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for reading.
  2. Thanks for your response, Marcos. If you don't mind, what do you have checked in your playback and recording settings? I've included a screenshot of the window for reference. It might help me out. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have any success using AXE I/O with Cakewalk? I've been a Cakewalk user for over 20 years now, and while I have always loved the many awesome audio editing features in Cakewalk, I've never had much luck in getting good timing on my tracks when recording live with plugins. Stuff would be tight going in, and then be out of time on playback. I addressed this issue in the past by using a Steinberg UR40 Interface, which has built-in latency free guitar effects, so you can record, say, a distorted tone from the box, live and get great timing on playback. Now, the built in effects of the Steinberg are not very good (would only monitor with them and record dry) but effects could be added with quality plugins afterward. Now, I just upgraded my interface to the IK Multimedia AXE I/O, and while it works flawlessly for recording with plugin effect monitoring in Ableton (no playback timing issues whatsoever), I've had no such luck with Cakewalk. Does anyone know any specific Config file tweaks or suggestions to address this? I like Ableton, but I still prefer the audio editing in Cakewalk, and so would like to have the option to record with effect plugin monitoring in Cakewalk, without timing issues. Thank you.
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