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  1. 1 hour ago, scook said:

    Depends on the plug-in format. MIDI FX racks support MFX plug-ins only which are DX format. A few are included with CbB. There are a couple of sources for free and commercial MFX plug-ins too. All VST2/3 FX plug-ins must go into audio FX racks or the ProChannel. To communicate with VST plug-ins that support MIDI I/O, CbB requires dedicated instrument or MIDI tracks. Here is how the routing works for VST plug-ins.

    While the name is a little misleading, a drum map may be used to split an incoming MIDI stream and route the data to different targets. 

    The included MIDI Event Filter MFX plug-in may be set up to filter notes, CC and other MIDI data.

    In short, this

    is possible using the tools included with CbB.

    Thank you, that´s exactly what I´ve been looking for.

  2. Hi,

    the KeyLab MK II uses a bidirectional SysEx communication with AnalogLab, so that you normally  can see what you choose or edit on the display of the keyboard.

    Unfortunately the communication only works from the the keyboard to AnalogLab, but not back.

    So you can control presets and parameters, but you get no visual feedback on the keyboards display.

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