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  1. Yes, I select track three to play a string sound from my keyboard and it plays and routes to the bass sound on track 5. Just midi VST's
  2. Hey everyone: So i did the latest Bandlab update for cakewalk which seem to come our every 15 minutes and my tracks are all out of order? So i select track 2 and it plays the sound on track 5. Track 1 is fine and then i select track 3 and it plays the sound on track 4. Select 4 and it plays 5. They all seem to be out of order and these are all vst's on various sounds from drums to keys etc... Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks!
  3. OK... so I select add track (+) should it midi or audio? Then I select Omni (instrument Track)on input and us2x2 on output... This is an instrument track. Should I select an audio Track.
  4. Hey everyone: Adding my Juno DS 61 via USB and I can see the faders moving but no sound. Am I not able to record the sounds from the DS into Cakewalk? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Using a Tascam 2x2.
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