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  1. Hello! I'm using FL Studio as a VST plugin in Cakewalk for about a year now. Generally it works fine but I'm starting to get really annoyed because I'm randomly getting the message "An error occurred while checking if MIDI devices have changed" from FL Studio every few minutes or even more often. The message always pops up for 3 times in a row, so I have to click OK for 3 times to make it go away. It happens when I'm in the middle of a recording, when I'm just editing things, when I'm doing nothing - it doesn't matter. It also happens when there are no active MIDI devices at all in a project. I have already opened a thread in the FL Studio forum (still private because there seems to be no solution yet) but I would like to ask the question here as well if someone has experienced something similar with the Cakewalk/FL Studio combination - just to make sure it's not a problem with Cakewalk. But as I haven't experienced anything similar with other plugins, I'm pretty sure that FL Studio is the culprit. I'm using a Windows 10 PC and have the newest versions of Cakewalk and FL Studio installed. Thanks!
  2. Hello all! I'm sure that this question has been answered before but I can't find it with the search function.... I have installed Cakewalk on my main studio PC and on a laptop which I need to record the piano (it's in another room). Now I would like to install it for a 3rd time on my old notebook which I want to borrow to our singer to make it easier for her to record her vocals at home. Ownership of the 3rd device will remain with me as this is only a temporary solution... I know that Sonar Platinum was limited to two installs but is the same true with Cakewalk by Bandlab? It would be great if someone could answer this question because I don't want to do anything illegal... Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Dear all, today I've come across another problem with automation. Hope that somebody can help me this time... I'm using version 2021.01 on Windows 10. What I'd like to do is absolutely simple: I'm using the AudioThing Outer Space echo on a vocal track and would like to add echo only to some words at the start and at the end of the song. The Outer Space has an on/off switch to activate/deactivate the input to the echo machine - I want to use this because it doesn't switch off the echo itself, it only mutes the input. There are many switching points, so I've decided to record the automation of this switch "live" instead of drawing an envelope. I know that there are 3 different modes to record automation - Touch, Overwrite and Latch - but I've got problems with all three of them. At least Overwrite and Latch only seem to be useful with continuous controllers but not with on/off switches. - Touch is the only mode which records the on/off messages correctly (see below) but it's impossible to record the automation in more than one take. What I'd like to do is to record the automation in the first part of the song, then stop the recording, jump to the part at the end and record the automation there. But as soon as the recording is stopped and started again, the automation recording in the first part is gone. I really wonder why this happens and if there's a way around it. The record mode of the project is set to "overdub", so this can't be the problem I think... - Overwrite and Latch seem to record correctly - the first part of the recording is not being deleted and during the recording the envelope looks like this: But as soon as the recording is stopped, the envelope changes and looks like this: Of course with this envelope the echo doesn't switch on/off at the appropriate times anymore, so it's useless. Any ideas...? Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. The update is shown here as a regular update, not early access (German version, Windows 10). Is this the usual behaviour?
  5. I would like to control my DSI/Sequential OB-6 via NRPN controllers, for example the filter cutoff frequency: This NRPN parameter has a 0...255 range (the manual says 0...164 but that's wrong). If I turn the filter knob on the OB-6 from zero to full and record the MIDI output, the controller values are recorded and played back correctly from 0 to 255. But as soon as I convert the controller to an envelope or draw a linear envelope from 0 to 255 , there will only 3 NRPN controller values sent to the OB-6: Filter fully closed at the start, filter half open in the middle and filter fully open at the end. There's nothing else being sent over MIDI - the MIDI activity icon on the task bar only lights up three times. If I draw an envelope with more than just a point at the start and a point at the end, the values will jump to each point's value as soon as a that point is reached but there are no changes between the points, regardless of what curve I've selected (linear, slow or fast). It seems that only on one occasion there'll be exactly one automatic change in the value and that is if the values of two envelope points are more than 127 apart. The value will change as soon as the absolute value of the envelope is higher/lower than the value of point 1 +/- 127. This makes me wonder how the NRPN parameter resolution is handled in the envelopes. Sadly I haven't found any information about this topic. Is it perhaps possible to switch the envelope's resolution to a higher value in some hidden menu I've not found yet? As it is, the envelopes are practically useless for NRPM parameters, as there is also no kind of "zoom" function for parameters that have a small range...
  6. *** PROBLEM SOLVED, AIM ASSISTANT WAS DISABLED AFTER THE UPDATE. WORKS NOW. *** I have finally switched from the last Sonar Platinum release to Cakewalk by Bandlab a few days ago and am really pleased with the application. I was especially happy that in the track view the program finally displays not only to where clips are being dragged but also by how many bars I have moved them. Back in the Sonar Platinum days I had requested this feature in the forum a few times but it was never realised... Today I've installed the 2019.09 update and now this doesn't work anymore - even worse, when I drag clips there's no value shown at all... Or do I have to reactivate this function again somewhere? Some help would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot in advance!
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