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  1. Does that attached track setup look correct to you? Track 1 is my Kontakt MIDI track. Track 2 is my Kontakt audio output. Track 3 is an audio track with Kontakt's output as the input - with Guitar Rig as an insert FX. Track 4 is a MIDI track with Guitar Rig as it's output. I'd love to be able to record Guitar Rig's output as MIDI and adjust the Talk control realtime but I'm not sure that's possible?
  2. Stupid question time. My guitar patch is coming from a Kontakt library. How do I set that up so the above works as it should?
  3. I'm trying to assign/learn the Talk knob on the Formant Filter to a knob on my MIDI controller but it's as if Guitar Rig isn't recognizing the knob at all. Cakewalk recognizes my MIDI controller fine, I can play stuff in but just Guitar Rig doesn't seem to like it. Any ideas? I have Guitar Rig inserted as an audio effect on Kontakt's audio output - maybe that's the problem? Not sure how else to do it.
  4. Voice Meteer's working for me so far. I just set it to my default playback device before my Zoom meetings and it all works exactly as I need it to :)
  5. It's high quality audio compared to what I'm getting from just using the "share computer sound" box. This is easy enough set up on a Mac using the Loopback app but I can't find anything similar to Loopback for PC. Does anyone have ideas?
  6. Hi all, Is there a way to route my Cakewalk audio (plus audio from other apps like iTunes etc) into Zoom meetings? Ideally I'd love to get high quality audio for the meeting participants but I'm not sure how to set it up. Thanks.
  7. There will be a drummer and a singer. They will both need to hear the track but only the drummer needs to hear the click. I've been asked to create a backing back track with no drums so the drummer can play the drum part. Ideally I would send them an mp3, yes, but I'm not sure how to route the audio so that will work.
  8. I have the same question. Have you managed to get it happening?
  9. Hi all, I've been asked to create a backing back track with no drums and a click track for the drummer. How do I do this so only the drummer hears the click? It's for a high school student who's more than likely going to be playing the track on a laptop for an exam. Thanks :)
  10. Hey @Starise, thanks for your reply. It's been suggested I place a heavy curtain in front of the window, do you think that would help a bit? The desk is about 6 inches away from the wall and the speakers are indeed rear bass ported. I've actually been considering downsizing to 5 inch monitors, my current 8 inches just seem a little big for my room and the tweeter sits just a tiny bit above my ear level. I've considered moving over to the side wall but that would mean the desk would facing across the room rather than down it, if that makes sense. Not sure if that would present further issues?
  11. Thank you, sorry for the delayed reply
  12. Hey Tom, Thanks for your reply. I haven't considered budget yet, just getting ideas on how to maximize the potential of the room. Pretty sure this window faces east, as I get the sun in the morning. The shade (that's currently down in the photo) stops any glare though. There's just one large pull-down blind in front of the shade cloth, no venetians. I don't do any live recording currently, just producing music with VST's etc.
  13. I've been trying to work this out too and I feel so stupid!! I need a BPM of dotted quarter note = 72 so how do I calculate that into a non-dotted quarter so I know what number to enter into Cakewalk (since I can't enter a dotted BPM)? Hope that makes sense. I can't figure out what equation I should be using to figure it out. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, Firstly, would someone mind having a look at the attached photos and advising me on speaker/desk placement? Should I be considering moving the desk to another part of the room to get the speakers away from the window? Secondly, I’m looking into some acoustic foam & speaker isolation pads. Looking at my room, where would you suggest I would acoustic foam in this room? Thanks
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