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  1. thanks - unfortunately too clunky to be workable -thanks for showing me the method tho
  2. thanks - that is not going to work for me - I would end up with 4 or 5 tracks feeding into every sound source. Would get very difficult to follow, whereas in Reaper I can just have one track for each sound source with as many plugins on that track as I want eg 5 midi plugins>synth>5fx makes it very easy to follow what is going on. Reaper has its own annoying problems though, hence me looking at Cakewalk thanks again for all your help Greg
  3. thanks again, slowly getting there - I have riffer going to a synth working. I can still not get riffer > obelisk (the midi harmoniser) > synth. Does that need a track for obelisk, or can I put obelisk on the riffer track as an fx?
  4. thanks - that works a bit - however if I expand the riffer track so that I can see the various parameters (on left hand side) then the output from riffer stops and the synth stops. To hear the synth again I have to expand the synth track . The re are other minimise/expand combinations that dont work as well - it this a normal feature? Also where would I put something like Obelisk or Harvest for generating variations?
  5. Hi, I am brand new to Cakewalk and have the following I have been trying to create with no success. I have looked for tutes but not finding what I need i would like to do the following Basic signal flow is Riffer (midi) > Obelisk (midi) > Synth(audio) Riffer is a sequencer, it will send out midi notes. Those notes then go into Obelisk which will turn each note into a midi chord. Those chords go to the synth. I just cannot figure out how to do this in Cakewalk. I have many years using Reaper where not surprisingly I find this easy to do and I am sure it will be easy in Cakewalk with some help thanks, Greg https://audiomodern.com/shop/plugins/riffer/ https://frozenplain.com/product/obelisk/
  6. Hi, approximating curves for fades and automation by sequencing various shapes is possible, but it is much simpler for the user to use a system of adjusting the curve shape using a mouse. Here is an example video of how reaper does this, but other software has similar methods . It would be great if Cakewalk by Bandcamp could implement something similar
  7. thanks - I have used that method before and it can get close to the final result just much slower ie workflow is not as good. I think I will put in a feature request if that is possible
  8. I may be mistake but I thought it was possible to adjust the fade shape (or automation shape) using a ke modifier. The sort of thing I am wanting to do is change to curve of a fade in like this - say if I have a linear fade in, I hover my pointer over the centre of the fade line, press a modifier, and then I can drag the fade line into a curve - whether quick or slow fade in or anything in between. is this possible in Cakewalk or am I restricted to set shapes with fades and autiomation? Here is a video of what I would like to do but in Reaper
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