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  1. Articilation map is a great improvement - can we have old projects with keyswitches shown on articulation map? Also can we have switches being recorded directly shown on articulation map too? that way when we load a map bandlab associates immediately the notes to switches? Fantastic work.
  2. Hi . I use uad-1 on my system and since last update i can only use one uad plugin at a time. Old projects with several plugins loaded work well but once i add one more plugin i get the error "the uad-1 is already used by another application. Made some tests and discovered that bitbridge server was on "0" Changed to 1 and now is working normally.
  3. Mackie mcu solo all tracks when soloing just one track within an instrument (with the new instrument track per output for ex.) and then i have to use unsolo all tracks function to disengage solo.... How to resolve that? I have a Mackie MCU pro and mackie c4 pro has control surfaces....
  4. @Chuck E Baby Hi. Of course you can use D8b with cakewalk. I use it everyday with azslow controller with a hui preset specific for D8b. You can download it on azslow fórum . Search for a post by musicrazy (it’s me) . Alexey it’s a super helpfull guy . All the functions are working and some more like prochannel eq on faders. Cheers.
  5. Hi. Great work with this new DLL. Now the only thing i miss is the VSTI (instuments) control.... maybe one day we'll get there. Congratulations.
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