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  1. There's an upgrade on sweetwater for 99 bucks from th3 but no one ever says if the th3 cakewalk edition counts. You'd think it would but I want to be sure.
  2. So if I want the full th-u then I have to pay the full 200 bucks? Even that says it's an upgrade from th-3. They just don't say if "cakewalk edition" is part of that.
  3. If I want to upgrade to the full th3 or th-u what do I need to purchase? The th-u full or just one of the regular metal or rock ones if I want? I don't want to pay more than I have to. They say it's only for people who have th-3 but is the cakewalk edition considered in this? Kind of confusing..
  4. Yes, when you open up cakewalk on the start screen.
  5. There isn't a way to simply just erase old songs/projects that are taking up space?
  6. How do you delete old projects your not using or don't need anymore? I deleted them in my the folder they were in but they are still there when I open up cakewalk.
  7. That's all good, I think it's cause I had the guitar panned to the left. Cause when i bring it in center it's fine again... kinda weird. But im new to all this so it might be normal...lop
  8. I'm trying to use the splitter in th3 and combine a modern and randall amp together. I wanna pan one to the left and one to the right but for some reason it's only coming out of the one side. The double amp preset has it where it's one amp coming out of each side. One minute it will work and the next it's only the one side. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  9. I'm recording two guitar tracks and they both have the same exact settings but when I record one the waveform is huge and the other one is a lot smaller/normal. They both sound about the same as far as volume goes. I'm playing both guitar parts at the same volume as well and with the same attack on the picking hand. What is going on here? Thanks.
  10. Yeah I think so. There's a drum bus with a send to the parallel compression bus but the parallel compression bus doesn't have a compressor already in use. I thought it did cause when I clicked on the send it made the drums louder but that was just a result of having 2 drum tracks playing right? There's a lot of confusion when you first learn this stuff.
  11. Was there a parallel compression bus added to one if the updates? I noticed there's one now when there wasn't before. And how can I emulate this for some of my older tracks?
  12. I noticed that there's a parallel compression bus on my projects now. Is this something new? How do i recreate this on my old songs? I was told that cakewalk didn't have this but I for sure didn't make it cause I don't know how. Maybe it's from the EZ drummer?
  13. That's awesome! What is a hotfix? I thought I was going crazy and did something...lol. So it was a result of the new update? I'm pretty new still to all this stuff.
  14. How do you rollback to the previous version of cakewalk? Is that possible?
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