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  1. I'm running SPLAT on Windows 10 (version 1903, OS build 18362.959), 32 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 3.7 GHz. I have three drives: System C:\ (232 GB), an SSD for Sound Libraries and another SSD for finished songs (1TB each). I have maxed out my C:\ and have more VST files to load. Do I: 1) Get a larger drive and migrate all my C:\ data to it? 2)Migrate program files in C:\ to one of my SSDs? 3)Another option of which I'm currently unaware. With any data migration, how do I tell SPLAT where to look for the files in the new location? Thank you, Twanghang
  2. twanghang

    Migrating Program Files

    My C:\ drive is maxed out on storage and I can't download some new VST3 plugins. 1) If I migrated them to another drive where I have plenty of room, would SONAR be able to locate them or would I have to point SONAR to the new location? 2) If I don't move them and just start downloading the new VST3 files to the other drive, would SONAR know how to find the appropriate files on each of the drives? Thank you!
  3. 1) I've got a Steinberg UR44 interface and I have the input knobs set at zero, but when I play through any guitar plugin (Guitar Rig 5, Sigma, etc.) and select a distorted sound, there is still a trace of the clean, original guitar signal that's audible. I sometimes go through my Line 6 Helix into the interface, but even when I plug the guitar straight into the interface, it is still there. Is there a setting in SONAR that I'm overlooking? 2) When I engage the monitoring button on a track, the tone gets a nasaly midrange bump. I don't recall that happening previously. Is that a setting as well? Thank you!
  4. twanghang

    Left Only Track

    Thank you so much, y'all! A prime example of why this forum is so great.
  5. twanghang

    Left Only Track

    I made the goof of setting the input on my interface to left side only and got a take of one of the best performances of my life, so I don't want to try and recapture that magic. When I try to pan it center, there's obviously a drop in volume because it's only half there. Is there a way to make this track center in the stereo field post recording?
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