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  1. oof. Id recommend emailing support@cakewalk.com. As good as this forum is, this is a serious issue that needs some good attention
  2. So, how about this latency monitor?
  3. That may be... but when talking to these friends of mine, I literally have weekly meetings with a composer using Logic and we both use the term "freeze" to mean temporarily bouncing the synth audio and unloading the synth from memory. There are other terms that have been interesting, such as clips are called "regions" in Logic, which I've learned from working with him. Similar story with another producer I work with who only uses Protools and Ableton. So..... /shrug. Don't know what to tell you.
  4. I'm stuck in an odd spot. I keep the option to zero out midi on transport stop off in order to not have my spitfire instruments mod wheel zero out. But then if there was a pedal down, my notes sustain forever on stop and I have to manually pedal in order to get it to stop. I'd like on option that on transport stop, the pedal is zero'd out, but everything else remains the same. Cheers.
  5. FWIW, I've used the term Freeze with other engineers using Cubase, ProTools, and Logic, and they all mean the same thing to those other people, so I'm not sure what other DAWs you're using where it means something else ;).
  6. Freeze the instrument track, drag clip to desktop. This has been my method since freezing was first introduced.
  7. Yeah and make sure it's visible in prv....
  8. I imagine the trick would be guaranteeing phase coherence. This may be one of those seemingly low-hanging fruit request, that ends up being more challenging to do right in the end. Just a thought.
  9. Very simple feature. I love how auto-focus (or no auto-focus) allows you to see multi-color midi notes from other tracks: But I don't want to switch track focus or trigger the other track when I click on a non-focused note (for example, I'm really just trying to double a note). And this is why we have "auto lock" feature. But auto lock turns all the other track note colors to grey. /sad_face. Functionality wise, these options behave EXACTLY as they should. I just want an visibility option to enable colors for non-focused tracks in auto lock mode. This should be a toggle, since it's also VERY useful to have all other tracks grayed out so it's less distracting at times. Workflows necessitate both colored and grey background tracks at times. Cheers.
  10. Whilst I like the idea, can you not just loop record when you're just playing around and then stop it and keep the last play before you stopped? The difference mainly seems to be whether or not you hit R or Space before you started working on the tunes.
  11. Yup. I have sever trust issue. but said trust issues make it so I don't run into too many problems anymore
  12. My main concern would be around performance. I'd assume it wouldn't take much more.... but... I wonder if in general the UI could be GPU accelerated. If in general it could run super smoothly, that'd be pretty awesome. My Daw is running a 780 GTX that pretty much idles all day
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