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  1. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I did just confirm that Mix Scenes (in the control bar) *DO* honor enabled and disabled plugins. So this might get you one step closer to A/Bing, even if it's not as convenient as having a carte blanche way of disabling all X plugins.
  2. Bumping this up, because I still have times where I play "find the plugin causing delay". And I used to think "np, I'll just enable PDC", but I found that if I do that, audio is misaligned after I turn it back off, so it's kind of a pain. Bakers, please consider.
  3. I believe this can be done with drum maps, but I've found them to be frustrating to use and just deal with it. But I've wanted this feature for a long time too.
  4. Okay, so that works about 1/2 way for what I'd like. I didn't notice that behavior before, because I was holding control and clicking from the center, and you have to put the mouse on the top of the clip frame and drag from there. That is better. Now if there was a way to adjust the gain of the clip, outside of the gain automation, that'd be the final piece that would make this a perfect workflow for me. Clip Gain automation for movements over time and this new method for adjusting gain of a selection (without creating automation nodes and lines all over the place.). Thanks for the tip on dragging from the top, that gets me 1/2 way to where I'd like it to be and greatly improves the work flow.
  5. *edit Looks like this can partially be done already via the method mentioned in the second comment. woot. So the this request really is about having a method to quickly adjust clip gain in selected parts, out side of the clip gain envelope. I just discovered that you can hold control and click drag from the middle of a clip and instantly change the overall clip gain. SUPER HANDY!!! No more having to middle click -> clip gain automation. What would be even better is if I could make a selection of part of a clip and then control+click drag would change just the gain for the selection, eliminating the need to add or adjust nodes. And what'd be even better is if for this method of gain editing, worked outside of the clip gain envelope! There are two distinct reasons why Clip gain needs to be modified: 1. Static adjustments (My #1 repeated workflow). 2. Automate a slope over time or more complex gain automation over time. There's would be better separated into 2 workflows within Cakewalk, instead of the one-size-fits-all approached. More details below. 1. Adjust a quieter or louder section of a clip to be more even with the rest of the clip. This is basic static, up or down. For something like this, why am I messing around with nodes? I should be able to select the area and control click it to move the whole selection up or down. I suggest for an edit like this, you just: Change the clip drawing somehow to visually show that it has been modified from the original (maybe a different outline, or shaded color) Show the wave form change (this already happens thanks to the last update) Not show this change as part of the clip gain automation. This should not be restricted to the +6dB limitation of clip gain automation. You should let me boost to my hearts content. This is a 64 bit internal audio engine. Cakewalk already supports 32bit float clips being beyond "0dB". This should be relatively trivial to implement. Adjust the gain over time (automation) This type of gain automation needs to have a visual line to track complex changes over time. There is no better way to do this kind of automation than how it is already implemented in Cakewalk. Having a 6dB cap on this makes sense, because for the most part, once your clip is leveled the way you want it, you don't really need to automate more than 6dB up in a slow. I'd personally say 10dB is more reasonable, but that's just my opinion. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE you if you implemented this. This is one of the biggest hindrances I run into when doing film sound. I have to make A LOT of gain edits. Some people work around this by splitting the clip apart (alt clicking) and then adjusting the clip gain on the split sections. This works, but it's a pain in the butt still. Optimal work flow, would just be to use the partial selection on the clip and adjust from there using control click. Please consider. I have talked to many people on the forum and they seem to also agree this is a sticking point.
  6. Exactly as the title states. Probably a slightly non-standard use for the arranger track, but I'm doing film sound editing and I like to use the Arranger track to mark big scene changes. It would be awesome if I could split an arrangement section into 2, by alt clicking, just like you do with clips in track view. You can already right click -> Split at now time, so this is just making a faster way to do that.
  7. Aleo, I myself and MANY others always update to the latest versions and I can say with certainty that they are always better than the previous version. I have come across minor issues in a new release, but upon reporting them, they are fixed in the very next release. And again, these are minor issues. I recommend updating to the latest version and then investigating further. Hopes this helps in some way. I have never been happier with Cakewalk. I've been a Sonar user since 1.0.
  8. I previous created a feature request for adding the following option as a quick icon toggle. But today, I realized that there really is an endless number of options I'd want as quick click toggles. We all have our own work flows and different desires. So really, I think it'd be great to provide an option for EVERY single toggle, as a quick icon on the top right of track view. This is frankly, the number one reason I hated moving from 8.5 to x1. Because I had my toolbar customized for my exact workflow. I eventually got used to the new way of doing things, but there really isn't a reason that the space on the top right of the track view can't be used to re-introduce this previous flexibility. Having xfades and ripple editing toggles are immensely important. So let's complete this new feature and make it extend to every option. I know I've said it before, but I'd pay for something like this to be added. Thanks!
  9. Simple. Not crucial, but would be nice. For film sound, I have the video view on a third monitor. I'd like it to be true full screen (not just maximized), with no borders, no start menu.
  10. Definitely. And if each of these prv views or splits could have the option ghosting and locking other midi tracks, so you could have a frame of reference regardless of what view you are in, that would make writing harmonies better. For one, you don't have to keep checking to make sure you're adding notes to the right track before clicking oh, and you would be able to see it if two of your instruments are hitting the same note at the same time, without having to switch between tracks in prv.
  11. I appreciate everybody's comments. Very much so. The "pain in the *****" Delta is massive between simply remembering which notes do what in prv and trying to set up a drum map. I hope Cakewalk revamps at some point though, because this would be very handy to have an intuitive and streamlined process to make programming percussion better. But until then, I've been using prv for 20 years, and I will just continue to do so. Setting up templates and obtuse drum maps and trying to get them all to work together makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
  12. I'm trying out the linked clips technique. I thought this was going to work. And it does work if I'm manually entering every note. But if I click in a pattern and then copy and paste it, the paste is ALWAYS a new clip and doesn't stay linked. Completely frustrating. I thought that this option in paste special would take care of it, but it doesn't. So I guess I'll just be programming my parts and then I'll either wait to until the end and dupe it over or just keep duping the parts every few minutes like I've been doing.
  13. Actually it looks moot. If you have to tell PRV every time to use that instrument def to display the correct names, it's not worth my time. I'm comfortable enough with finding the correct note to hit. This is just eating up time that I should be producing. Appreciate your help. If Bandlab ever makes this easier to use, I'll look at it again. for now, it's insanely too cumbersome.
  14. @scook I appreciate the information. What a royal PITA. I did see that KB article and was trying to follow it, but just got frustrated and gave up. Once I found that drum maps can't trigger multiple outs for the same in note, it lost a massive part of why I was trying to set this up in the first place (as is mentioned in my drum map post). I see the master.ins and can modify it. Is there an AD2 definition set for the values that should go into the master.ins already made somewhere? The KB download assets are a template file, drum map, and cwx file, which appear to all be different then modifying the master.ins values to get the right names to show up. Thanks. Very much appreciate your help.
  15. *** Edit *** Appears that this is working as designed. Just ignore this post. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not sure if this is new to 2020.05, since this is the first time I'm ever trying to define an instrument. But when I go to prefs -> midi -> Instruments "Define" is greyed out and cannot be modified. I tried this both with a project loaded and unloaded. If I click on any of the options under "user instrument" it immediate becomes deselected. I'm trying to load in an instrument definition for AD2 to make PRV easier. Cheers.
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