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  1. I did try that and it still breaks the clip groups. The other clips are in comp take lanes. They are expanded in my screenshots. No matter I do, all the clips across all take lanes lose their original groups and get mashed together into a single clip group.
  2. Pretty simple. I did some ADR over a weekend and used my laptop. Now I want to merge these tracks into my main project in my DAW. I select the tracks from the source project, copy special, go to my main project and paste special. Everything comes over (although track folders and colors aren't honored), but every clip now belongs to the same clip group regardless of track or comp take. Major pain in the bottom. I tried enabling ripple editing, no love. I tried saving the ADR project as a cwt and then insert tracks from template file and it inserts the tracks and folders and colors... but no audio clips! gah. Maybe there is a trick to saving template files with audio included? Screenshots attached of the clip group duping.
  3. I'll verify these things and take a vid clip. As far as I know, I'm on the default workspace and have never seen this behavior before. Thanks for the the reply :)
  4. Looks like something broke in the latest version. When selecting multiple clips (right click drag and select multiple clips), nudging only affects one of the multiple clips. Also, similar behavior when selecting multiple clips and (3+) and right click, bounce to clips. It's not bouncing all of the clips into a single anymore. I have to do multiple bounce to clips. Can provide screenshots / video if need be, but this should be easy to reproduce. 2020.01 build 28 64bit
  5. hrm.. workspaces are silly. but fair enough. Thanks.
  6. +100 I'd personally chip in $100 to get this done. I have an s88 with wonderful functionality, of which only gets used as a standard midi controller. I really didn't think it'd take this long. Please add this!
  7. Okay. this is bizarre. As a hail mary, I saw another thread about an unrelated video problem, and I changed my Video setting in the config file to directshow only and reloaded the config. I re-launched cakewalk and it didn't fix the issue. So I change it back and relaunched Cakewalk. And now the Video view is working AND it shows up in my "View" menu. Compare this screenshot to the first set where Views -> Video (alt+shift 2) isn't even visible...
  8. Just imported a video into Cakewalk and the Video view is no where to be found. View -> Video doesn't exist and if you right click the video track and click on Video view, nothing happens. As a sanity check, i just redownloaded Sonar Platinum, works perfectly fine. The Thumbnails are rendering without issue in CbB. CbB is the latest version. Just installed it literally 20 minutes ago. I have a sound editing project that I need to get started on. I'd like to not have to work back in SPLAT. What gives?
  9. I've been a user of Sonar since v1.0. So I'm fairly competent when it comes to configuring sonar. I'm not saying I'm not messing something up here, but just to let you know that you don't have to dumb the conversation down for me I just purchased an Behringer xtouch and xtouch ext. I was previously using the roland vstudio 700, but upgraded to UA Apollos. I'm just attempting to get the xtouch working by itself first. Then I will add in the EXT. When I setup the xtouch as a control surface, it DOES work, meaning that the faders slide into position, the stop/start buttons all work, so forth. However there is a MAJOR issue. The xtouch starts repeatedly sending control+tab keys. So much that if I change my window focus to my browser, the tabs keep cycling. Or if I open up notepad, it just sends a bunch of tabs in it. If I turn off the audio engine, it still does it. If I shutdown Cakewalk, it stops. And the controller resets itself to idle mode (all faders down). I tested this on my music studio DAW on the latest version of Cakewalk and also my secondary computer which is on an old version of Cakewalk by Bandlab (December 2018). Same exact problem. I downloaded Reaper software (it's horrible!) to test the same issue. The xtouch works perfectly. No issues. No repeated tab keys sent. So it appears to be related to Cakewalk software somehow. Other details: • midi in/out is enabled in P - Midi devices • Mackie control Unit is selected in Control Surfaces with the correct xtouch midi in / out. • I tried both latest xtouch firmware 1.14 and 1.15, same issue. I've been using control surfaces with Sonar for 15 years, so I can't imagine I'm botching this one up. Please help. This is extremely frustrating. I just filed a support ticket too. We'll see what Bandlab says.
  10. Actually, I've had something similar happen and that's when I created the marker, it was during playback and I hit 'M' to tag that spot and then rename it later. But my keyboard double tapped or something and it created 2 markers on top of each other, so when I dragged one, the second remained under it.
  11. Oof. Sounds like a new bug. I've never had that happen and all of my projects have tons of markers.
  12. It only copies the marker if you're holding control when you drag the marker.
  13. So one thing that would be really nice, is the ability for markers to actually color the section of the bar, like the protools screenshot above. That would be really nice! I hadn't even thought about that. Frankly, the sky box interface doesn't work for me in general. When I bust out console view or piano roll, i ALWAYS just undock it and throw it on a second monitor. but that doesn't bother me as much as these little annoyances around markers.
  14. this, this, this, and more this. There have been many times that I wish I could see which plugins were causing which amounts of latency. My only feedback is that I don't really care about bars or color, I'd like the value in ms.
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