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  1. Same here. It took about three days for Izotope to respond. And as for Groove 3, I too waited for that $79 renewal offer and it never came. All they offered was the standard sale pricing of $99.
  2. MPS 3 was released on the 3rd of October, so the 7th of August should be within the 2 months grace period.
  3. You might not believe this, to be honest even I can't fully wrap my head around the fact that I actually found something useful on Gearslutz. But yeah, a guy on there was saying the grace period is 2 months. So I took a shot and contacted Izotope support. I received the following message in response to asking if the grace period was two months: "From: Alexis (iZotope) Hello, Thanks for reaching out to us, I will be more than happy to help you. The answer is yes! I am happy to share with you a Serial Number to activate a copy of the Music Production Suite 3 at no cost!"
  4. My account was only showing the standard loyalty upgrade and whilst I almost hit purchase on the upgrade to MPS 3. I held off because I was a bit miffed that I had only just got MPS 2.1 about two months ago. Well I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger, because guess who fell into the free upgrade grace period?... THIS GUY! 😎
  5. Glad you got it working in the end! But wow I'm a little surprised at the rigmarole as Corel programs have always worked for me on my systems.
  6. It all ran smoothly here and I am running Windows 10 as well. I would recommend running the installs with administrator privileges.
  7. The point of me posting that video has nothing to do with cool. Quite frankly I thought the whole thing was ridiculously unnecessary. Though I am sure even the artist is aware of that. But I posted it because there is no way in hell the sound in your room could even come close to the wind on that lake and yet he got a fairly clean signal. I know that you did not specifically request technique tips. But for sure whilst you can compress on the way in, there will be less you can do with the captured audio in the mixing process as a result. Lastly, you say that you do not aim to clip, but are intent on continuing to employ a practice that you know will result in clipping?...🤪
  8. I would just like to say that if Andrew Huang can record vocals on a frozen windy lake, that there has to be a better solution than aiming to clip and letting an analog compressor munch up the peaks. (11:42 shows the signal from the vocal mic.)
  9. Like others have said, it would be better to record at lower levels. I realise you said that this causes issues during mixing in regards to room noise. For that I would recommend investing in something like Izotope's RX7 or Steinberg's Spectral Layers 6. Both products will allow you to isolate room noise from the vocals. Although note that often entirely removing room noise does not sound as natural as simply lowering the amplitude of the extraneous/problematic sounds.
  10. Whilst I agree to some extent, I also think that they (NI) have been caught napping. They certainly were leaders. But to be completely honest, I feel that they are now just another company that makes sounds. If they really want to keep their spot in the scheme of all things, by all that is deal like, they need to innovate and push the envelope like it is the oxygen they need to continue breathing!
  11. The big question is which instrument or lineup is about to go the way of Kore?
  12. It's like a company that makes 62 billion different instruments might have spread themselves thin or something? And of course the answer is to become thinner...😬 Also is it just me or does that article read like "subscription imminent!"
  13. 1. Industrial strength girdles are mandatory. 2. Whilst a thumb wrap might not be possible, the option to sling a moob over to fret a sloppy note or two is not inconceivable. 3. Legend says the upper strings are so large that if they aren't being actively played, they are muted by gravity. 4. Insurance company refused to cover deliberately giving themselves carpal tunnel syndrome. 5. We have an accord!
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