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  1. It's too late everyone. I have already purchased "the" cubase update. There's nothing left for anyone to have, nor see. Go back to your homes. 😉
  2. Before this release I would have thought the last thing I needed was another delay, but ooooohhhh this thing is noice!
  3. If the BFD license app is giving you greif and saying the server cannot be reached/request not processed. The trick is to log out and then log back in and it authorises everything for use immediately.
  4. Did the OP just assume their face fungus? 😱
  5. I have a small issue with part of the OP title. Not a deal? With all the stuff they roll out, I actually feel like Bitwig is almost a continuous deal. I find if a new feature doesn't make me go, "Oooooo." There's always a video of someone using that new feature in a way that I wouldn't have thought of, and then that makes me go, "Ooooooo. Shiny!" (Of course now that I have said this out-loud the company is probably going to immediately fall into complete disrepair and me and this comment will be over here choking on a foot.) 🤑 YMWACVLQSSTIMCARWAAERITSTCTYEUIRBWYAAALFEUOWJHBQCTRTSYHPOYH (Your Mileage Will Absolutely Completely Vary Like Quite Spastically So That It Might Cause A Rift Within An Already Existing Rift In The Space Time Continuum That You End Up Immediately Right Back Where You Are And Are Left Feeling Entirely Unsure Of What Just Happened But Quickly Come To Realise That Somehow You Have Poop On Your Hands)
  6. Don't worry, the blaming still stands. Just edited my post. The new products just auto-install and ignore the custom setting in preferences. I nominate Izotope to become the new Bud Light.😜 At least this appears so for Ozone 11.
  7. There is an option in the settings section of the Izotope Product Manager, Preferences>Custom Install, that gives you manual install options. Then you get the usual pop-up to install and can select "custom install" and deselect AAX. Edit: I just started installing the new products and see that you are correct and that Izotope have decided to circumnavigate customer preferences. *sigh* Brilliant! Yet another reason to nab up Izotope alternatives and cut the cord from these complete and utter corporatized dregs of the industry.
  8. *high 5's JRR shop* *spends next 45 minutes cackling wildly whilst installing sneaky cheap update*🤑
  9. What's that supposed to transform into? A passenger-side pale, drivers-side sun damaged, dumpy, moustachioed, mid-westerner with more middle-aged spread than all the pallets of spreadable butter in the known universe and with cankles wider than its thighs?
  10. Haha that's pretty rich of them. What's next, McDonald's doing an ad where they say "no fatties!"
  11. I wonder if they found the experience bitter or sweet, or bitter-sweet?... I messed up and re-uploaded the photo. I chopped the very important bottom off somehow.🫠
  12. ...of these marketing derps
  13. Same reason as Dime's tone. When you select such an overboard setting for your guitar tone it immediately sounds completely derivative of the artists who broke through using those sounds. No matter what you play, it will get the comments on who you're trying to be. But that didn't really stop anyone back in the day. As someone who was playing live gigs in the early 2000's I can tell you I played with piles of original no-name bands who were out there using Morello-esque tones and doing hip-hop inspired fx leads (scratching, delays swamped into whammy and back out again, etc.) So, I suppose the answer is that Rage happened to catch on and I guess not really anyone else of note with that particular sound caught on with them.
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