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  1. People who guessed 16, you know the rules! Pants around your ankles and one lap around the entire world! Go!
  2. Careful when handling it! The Crocodile Hunter was killed after sticking his finger in the cloaca of a stingray, so don't get experimental with it!
  3. Personally I think the drum options you listed are for different purposes. SD3 and BFD3 obviously have presets but also are aimed at giving the user the ability to take the raw sounds and craft their own sound from scratch. AD2 is more aimed as having a ready-to-go premixed sound to insert directly into a mix, sort of like you outsourced to a session drummer and engineer for the drum parts. Now as for which one you wind up using won't really make two s***s of a difference to the end listener. Hell you could even go against all conventional wisdom for the style of music you play and stick static electronic drum samples of a tonality that isn't normally associated with your genre and as long as the mix slaps, people will not care, not one iota. They are after all just percussive noises, intended to thump, thwack, doong or whoosh and then get out of the way of rest of the track. Whether you use a top-tier acoustic drum sampler, or record yourself hitting objects around your home, they can all be shaped to achieve a similar thing in the end. However given what you have said in regards to raw sounds, my vote would be for BFD3. The sound of the kit samples with all fx off, is the most raw sounding. SD3 is pretty raw too when you take everything off, but it makes me feel like what I am hearing has been just a tad pre-processed/leveled, etc. In regards to the significant price and storage size differences of both products my vote would also be for BFD3. I know that all the options of SD3 might be enticing, but like all instruments you will wind up with a small amount of "go to's" and the rest will just occupy drive space. They both sound interchangeably as good when mixed, so really it may be a question of how much stuff do you want collecting virtual dust?
  4. Unfortunately in these times, such a decision would surely see them labeled as transferbic...
  5. MTurboEQ for free hey? Well since I was going to be gettin' Smooth Operator anyways... Yoink!
  6. They say no one can you scream in space. So in answer to your question I would say until you reach space. That is if you can avoid first being burnt to dust in the upper atmosphere...
  7. Corel has a rather, I will say "interesting" idea of what an upgrade is supposed to be. Their approach seems to be, "We have improved features X, Y and Z." Their advertisement video tells you it has been improved. More smooth. Streamlined. Quicker selection. Faster. Smarter. Pure. Clear. Clarity... etc. Then you buy the upgrade and go to use that new feature and it appears to work exactly the same as it always did. Same limitations. Same clunkiness. Same clarity. In fact the only thing you might notice has changed, is they might have removed some options without telling you they did. And my favourite type of Corel update, where the feature does actually noticeably work better than previously! Wow. Is this actually happening? Oooh spoke too soon. Now you can't export something with that new feature without issues galore! Then they fix it through a paid upgrade by returning the quality and functionality of that feature back to where it used to be before the busted enhancement was attempted. Or they just axe that feature entirely and bring out a new specialised application that you have to buy separately to perform that functionality. *sigh* On the upside, this development cycle lead me to say, "Hello Affinty!"😁
  8. It has been a long time, but if I remember rightly, I think you have to get the discs hard?
  9. Does anyone know if discount code "AS-A-DOORNAIL" is legit on their site?
  10. Doesn't Ulrich know it's 29OGTFO!🤑
  11. Despite using NI for yonks, I don't think I've ever bothered to even check if they had a forum? It would appear I was not missing anything . NI completely dropping products is odd. Considering they are purveyors of quantity over quality and all. But knowing people like the sounds of those dropped items, they could at least stick the sounds in the Kontakt factory library.
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