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  1. The latter is true. It doesn't show up in the control surface setup list . It does show up in the midi though.
  2. The computer sees the devices and I can play/record audio/midi. The problem is that the software can't find the control surface. For now I decided to downgrade to Win7. I suppose I'll do a dual boot partition later (when I have time) and fool with it again.. (Sucks) Thanks for all the help.
  3. I had no idea I'd raise such a stink. Yes I'm using the complete package (700R-700C). It would make me happy if I could just revert to the older version of Cake. I've learned my lesson.
  4. One day last week my Cakewalk DAW informed me that I had to reactivate. i took the opportunity to do the update, at which point every time I tried to arm a track for recording the whole system would freeze up. I finally decided to do a fresh install of EVERYTHING and start over. After getting a fresh Win10 install and a new download of CWb and doing all the tried and true patches to hack the Win8 drivers to Wind10, I could get everything to work except my VS700C. This is the same as before except now CWb can't find the VS700 in the "Preferences-Control Surfaces" drop down. My question then is: Has anyone else using the Roland V-Studio suite of equipment experienced this problem? At this point I'm faced with having to roll back to Win7 until I can do a "fork-lift" upgrade, which I'd obviously prefer not to be doing. (Thanks Roland Corp for not supporting an otherwise great piece of equipment)
  5. I originally started using cakewalk in 1994. I have been forced (by technology) to upgrade from Producer 8.5 to Band Lab's Windows 10 X64 version. My problem is that I can not simply click on a small midi segment and press delete without cakewalk deleting everything else in the particular time line and moving the rest of the following material into the deleted material's place ( find it easier to mow grass with tweezers at this point) . Could someone please tell me how to do a simple midi segment deletion? Thanks
  6. I've been trying to download cakewalk for two days now.It takes a long time and then fails. Is it supposed to take 12 hours or is it me?
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