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  1. Hi. I just discovered Stochas and I wonder if it is possible to use it to influence CC controllers in the output VST or plugin. If yes, of course, how ? For example, if I put a Z3TA as output, How can I use the Stochas stochastic possibilities to make vary a character like "Cutoff", "Reso", or any other parameter just the same way that I would use with an envelop within pure Cakewalk. I saw in the Demo that he uses "Reason" to do that. But I don't plan to buy Reason... Cakewalk has so many tricks. Well I think I would need to know where I can twick an output of Stochas to achieve that. I saw nothing related in the doc. Maybe thru an ACT, a rewire or something in the kind ??? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. About SI-All... They disappeared for me too, but now they appear in the plugin manager as Audio Effects VST (VST) instead of Instruments (VSTi). I tried everything written in the old Cakewalk forum. Plus I tried the option "Configure as a Synth", but in vain. I also tried to replace the dlls with old ones (from a rescue). No way ! Is there any hope that Bandlab correct that ?
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