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  1. Thanks again for your help, Noel. I appreciate ! Good news, after weeks of getting mad at looking for a solution, I just pointed that the problem disappears when I deactivate Avira. So here's the culprit ! So please consider my subject as solved. Best regards !
  2. Yeah, you are right, Noel. I apologize giving the guilt to the update, because I just bought a laptop with W10 and it rolls. Must be something wrong with my W7. Sorry and keep up the good work !
  3. Thank you very much for your kind help, Noel. I will not update Cakewalk anymore now. It rolls more or less (unfortunately often more less than more more) so. Sorry for saying that... but it's a fact. For me, the best version ever was Sonar 8.5. Since then, of course, there were very interesting new features, I deeply agree. But along, bugs were increasing. Why ? (In my humble opinion, because devs were never caring about the user wishes). I am also a "Blender" (3D) user. And their team are really listening to users. That's really an exception in strong apps (although it's free). A wonder ! When I am working in Cakewalk, I spend half of my time correcting, instead of normally progressing in my work. Fortunately, I know Cakewalk well enough to know how to correct all the wrong (or neglected) tasks. But it's a pity ! I love Cakewalk, that I have been using, paying much, since 1999. I could not use any other DAW, since Cakewalk is the only one with Staff Editor. And I am an old fashioned musician, who writes his music in the Staff Editor. (I have often read that I am not the only one, but we are too few, nowadays). I have of course also given up with the hope that it would be completely reshaped. There's no hope at all now... Everybody knows that it did not evolve, except in complicating things and in adding bugs at every update. I understand that it's not easy to satisfy every user need or wish. I also understand that Cakewalk must be a monster code and that a change in it will have effects in another part, and I do think that the bugs amount grows from that fact. But the bugs I am fighting against all day long (I am working at least 12 hours a day with Cakewalk) are not only in the Staff Editor. They are now everywhere ! The first big one is that stupid garbled magnetism !!!! It drives me out of my head. I dreamt to make a bugs list. But it would be such a huge drag, that I gave up with the thought of realizing it, and I think it would be useless anyway, not being followed by corrections (though hardly needed. Prior Cakewalk payed devs didn't achieve that, free devs won't do better). Nevertheless, I find it pretty nice that coders go on, it must not be that easy... Bravo, then. Thanks again, Noel !!! I am presently downloading the revert you kindly pointed to. Will see if it helps. EDIT : It did help... Loading was not at normal speed, but it was much faster. Yeeppeeeeee !
  4. Hey, guys. Since the last update, I've been running into problems. Opening a project lasts 10 minutes. When the project is open in the end, all works perfectly. The problem is on loading. Maybe because I'm on Windows 7 ? But I would really like to revert. In the past, it was possible. Is it for this version ? I found nothing about it. All these new updates bring nothing interesting for me anyway. Thank you for your work !!!
  5. Thank you, Kevin. But why does it suddenly appear ? I never use surface controlling. EDIT : Thanks to your term WAI, i found doc that i had not found before. Closed subject. Thanks again
  6. Hi. Opening a new project, I am surprised to find red marks on tracks, in the very left in the track view or at the very bottom in the console. I never saw that before. What are they for ? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  7. Hi, mgustavo. I've done that for years, never failed. I think this subroutine has been there from the very start of Cakewalk. I ran it 5 minutes ago with the last update and it works very well. What to write is of course Db? in the first window and then C#? in the second window, obviously without quotation marks, but with notes selected ! It has always worked for me. What does'nt work is to save the preset for further use...
  8. Well, I agree with you as I have been an unfortunate staff view user as well for 20 years too... But there is a very old way to replace enharmonics : Well my cakewalk is in french and I don't know the specific english names. First select the region in which you'd like to replace for example all the Db to C#. So in the fifth menu there is an item called something like "Find/Replace". Open it and in the window, first click on the right bottom "None". This deactivate all left options. Then enable "Note". Then change in the Note line : "min" and "max" to "Db?". Click OK. A second window opens. Then change in the Note line : "min" and "max" to "C#?". Click OK. That's done. Hope you understood me. Good luck !
  9. Hi. I just discovered Stochas and I wonder if it is possible to use it to influence CC controllers in the output VST or plugin. If yes, of course, how ? For example, if I put a Z3TA as output, How can I use the Stochas stochastic possibilities to make vary a character like "Cutoff", "Reso", or any other parameter just the same way that I would use with an envelop within pure Cakewalk. I saw in the Demo that he uses "Reason" to do that. But I don't plan to buy Reason... Cakewalk has so many tricks. Well I think I would need to know where I can twick an output of Stochas to achieve that. I saw nothing related in the doc. Maybe thru an ACT, a rewire or something in the kind ??? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. About SI-All... They disappeared for me too, but now they appear in the plugin manager as Audio Effects VST (VST) instead of Instruments (VSTi). I tried everything written in the old Cakewalk forum. Plus I tried the option "Configure as a Synth", but in vain. I also tried to replace the dlls with old ones (from a rescue). No way ! Is there any hope that Bandlab correct that ?
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