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  1. I have it instaled and still " not activated".....somethin is wrong.
  2. I have instaled CbB by no problem but when I open the app it ask for authorisation and that is the problem. Refresh within CbB freez everything and the other way go to Bandlab assistent which after login openup " localhost" page only. No login. So I have Cakewalk in demo mode. Any help ? Thank you.
  3. The same thing happend to me as well. I give up and event back to Sonar
  4. In app activation failed too, no response
  5. Login ways me to localhost and nothing helps to change. I am not able after years of using CbB to Authorise again. I have an internet connection and valid user account. Any advice? Thanks....
  6. I am long time user very satisfied with this DAW, the only thing I have wished would be xml import as I compose mostly in Finale and would be helpfull to transfer it for finnishing in Cakewalk.
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