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  1. thanks for all the replies folks...i just got an email from UA and they have resolved this issue which will be added to the next update . . they also emailed me a link of the updated software to get it resolved immediately. for anyone whos having the same issues just email them for the updated software to get it now...thanks again... update: uninstalled apollo plugins and drivers, then installed update...looks like its fixed now. also I figured out the pesky random deep sleep message error was due to the "fast start" option of windows 10, and/or also might be due to the ethernet driver going to sleep...i since unticked those options in control panel and so far no messages from startup...for those who need help with "sleep issue" just search (disable fast start on win10)...
  2. thanks for all the advise folks, i dont mind to power on/off apollo...its the sample rate/buffer size shuffling thats really annoying. cause sometimes it takes 3 or more tries to get it working, looks bad in front of client. but it seems i have no choice but to wait for UA to come out with console update for this to get fixed, or just go thunderbolt in but itll be pricey upgrade for the card...also, i have disabled the intel audio driver and still no go,
  3. Hi, Im having this issue with sonar and apollo for the last 2 months that i nor UA has a solution for atm, maybe someone here has run into this and may help me out as i have nowhere else to turn... I've had sonar plat and apollo for since both came out and have not had any issues like this before...it started when i upgraded to win10 from win7. everytime i open up sonar it either shows this error "The following driver(s) either do not support the current audio format, or are in use by another application", opens up normally but without detecting my interface in preference, or most frequently the buffer size and sample rate gets shuffled around (literary) while sonar is starting up (as i can see it on my UA console view)...sometimes opening up at 192 and 64, 48 and 2048, etc...really weird this never happened before...sometimes i can get it to work first time most tine times i have to turn off/on apollo, reboot, or do different combinations of both to get it working...(i have to do a sequence of events to make it work right) contacted UA about this but still no solution as of now, they said it must be connected to the win10 upgrade and will be working on it for the next console update...a couple of other things to mention is that sometimes upon reboot after a successful session the day before windows give message that apollo didnt turn of right or it is not compatible with sleep mode, which is weird as i have optimized my win so sleep is in "never" another thing is that win installed an intel audio HD driver (i guess for the HDMI TV i use for a 2nd monitor) and everytime i uninstall it, it reinstalls it automatically after boot up...maybe thats interfering with the apollo somewhat... nonetheless this unresolved issue has affected my work as i am a fulltime composer...im contemplating on moving to cubase or studio one, but i think sonar is still the best for my workflow and i have invested decades of experience (since pro audio 9) to this platform that keeps me from moving to another DAW let alone to a MAC... hope someone can shed some light on this issue, thanks for your help
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