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  1. Selecting ASIO instead of WASAPI seems to have done the trick for me. I didn't know what ASIO was but after some very brief research it seems all you need is WDM and my sysinfo tells me I have it so I installed ASIO4All and the static is gone so far.
  2. I am experiencing the same thing: I installed the update (to version: 2019.11) and got static when playing back tracks with virtual instruments. Selecting MME (32 bit) as the Driver Mode under Audio -> Playback and Recording cleared it, but that caused other occasional playback hiccups. Windows 10 is my OS. The problem runs across more than one project and more than one my personal VSTs. Note: the problem does not happen with Cakewalk TTS-1 but does happen with other bundled instruments like the string section. I think rolling back to the prior version of Cakewalk might be a good solution, assuming you can. I never used Cakewalk when it was Sonar, so I don't (at least I don't think) I have a Cakewalk account and thus can't get into the CCC. So, in my case I don't think I can. Note: the web page to migrate the forum account to a Cakewalk account comes up as 'not completely secure' in Chrome. That isn't necessarily mean the information isn't secure, but I tend to be paranoid. On the other hand, maybe it's a problem that will effect enough people that Bandlabs will have to do something up it in the next update. Or, maybe let people know exactly what the fix is. Hope something I said helps.
  3. Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer any insight or solution. A pop-up window titled "Cakewalk Missing Plug-in Stand-In" comes up when I try to look at some plug-ins from fx chains that came with Cakewalk. It seems to me like these are plug-ins from when Cakewalk was Sonar that for some reason aren't included in the Cakewalk installation or somehow or another didn't make it onto my system (Windows 10, 64-Bit). Some examples are the Cakewalk Multivoice Chorus/Flanger and Cakewalk Compressor/Gate but there are others. I've only ever had or used Cakewalk. If they are old Sonar plug-ins, can they be used in Cakewalk? If so, how can I get them (for now only interested in free ones)? Could it be some of them are called something slightly different in Cakewalk? Has anyone found them in an odd location on their computer where Cakewalk doesn't look unless you tell it to?
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