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    Guitar EQ tips

    Excellent comments all. Thanks.
  2. If you tether your cell phone to your PC, you can setup a temporary internet connection for your PC.
  3. Fresh install of windows 10 with no internet connection allows you to bypass account creation /login if desired
  4. My first foray in daws was the basic sonar home studio for $50. Even it was fully featured with 64 tracks. This software, for me, rocks Grant
  5. Understand, unfortunately no. Take it for what it's worth. Am not a member of CSIS, so am not privy to the case files resulting from the numerous interrogations.
  6. Posted one link to our national news above. Otherwise for me, it's simply knowing people in the know who work there. It was being worked on here, along with ebola and other nasties. As far as the soros Sierra Leone connection, that is conjecture to me at this time.
  7. Craig is correct. Being from Winnipeg, MB in Canada, we are home to the level 4 lab. Yes, there was an incident involving Chinese lab workers, and visiting Chinese lab students who were evicted by the rcmp. The lab workers were caught attempting to mail samples of pathogens (not this one) to China, where they had recently opened a new virology lab in Wuhan. Of course it is common knowledge that when a thief is caught, it isn't usually their first theft, just the first one that they are caught doing. The lab workers were deported, an investigation was underway and then everything went hush hush in the news here. 6 months later and.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/chinese-researcher-escorted-from-infectious-disease-lab-amid-rcmp-investigation-1.5211567
  8. https://community.mp3tag.de/t/embedded-album-art-in-aac-tags/6975 I use mp3tag, and it seems to support this, however I have not used the feature personally. Grant
  9. I understand the readings, however I have done it when replacing cpu/mobo/ram, then subsequently upgrading ssd. Customers have informed me they have done it all in one shot. Ymmv of course., but restrictions seem to be really loose with 10. Then again, we used to replace all the guts with Win7 and if need be, a call to reactivate never was an issue. Grant
  10. Actually, if you use a Microsoft account, you can tie the license to your account, and reuse it on a subsequent build, however only one system can remain activated. Grant
  11. As Christian stated above, it is legit. Done it many times, and am doing it for many of our customers as we speak. Your win7 license will be converted to a 10 digital license, even if an oem copy. Once done, you can even swap in a new ssd to orig mobo and perform a fresh install, and it will activate. This method was offered and promoted with a deadline, but they never shut down the process. Grant
  12. I have run insider aka Redstone builds on my old cbb system. I run multiple machines on the bleeding edge, and have been an insider for 8,10 and windows phone lol. I have experienced driver issues which normally require time to work out, but all is good after that. The current builds are not much different overall from the "ancient" release 1909, as Ms is focused on finishing 10x for release this year. Grant
  13. My error, it was early morning and I thought I was replying to the OP. Just that the lack of asio caused a delay when I played and sang through the interface Grant
  14. Unfortunately the solution ended up being a fresh windows install. This allowed me to get the asio to properly install. In windows control panel, the steinberg asio applet would not let me adjust the asio, nor show me the left most tab which is asio sample page. I blew driver out of device manager many times and tried to install my steinberg driver, but every time I did, once I reconnected the ur44 it changed to a Microsoft driver. Check your driver to see if same has happened to you. On advice in a thread I read here and elsewhere I used a USB reset utility to remove all windows USB device memory from the registry, still no go. I then ran windows refresh to save files (not programs) which also did not work. After fresh install, same order of operation, install driver, connect device, Asio applet in control panel showed the missing tab, and all worked perfectly. Just built a new pc for daw use, did again as above and all has been fine. Pretty confident that the combination of moving to a different USB port caused Microsoft to install its driver when I had reattached it, and nothing I tried allowed me to get the steinberg driver to take over. Again, check driver manufacturer in device manager, and ensure that the control panel applet has (in my case) three tabs, with the left being asio with the sample setting drop down Grant
  15. I had an issue with my ur44 where after moving usb ports it changed from asio driver to mme, causing the same latency issues. Grant
  16. As a general rule, if the sticks are the same speed and have identical internal timings, and are correctly banked, there should be no issue. The main problem occurs when sets with the same speed have different internal timings and the system attempts to run the higher latency memory too fast. Grant
  17. Thank you for your response. The last part of your answer makes sense. That would explain why the Impulse driver sets up with two MIDI inputs, where the UR44 only displays one when connected by USB. The keyboard must be using that second exposed device to transmit control data. I mistakenly assumed since I could "see" the CC events in your control surface plugin when plugged in via MIDI In/Out ports on the UR44 that they were the same in both connection methods. Obviously they are not. I have attempted to setup the proper controls numerous times both with ACT and using your controller, but for some reason have never fully succeeded in making everything work like the template provides, even after reading all of your in-depth explanation posts on your site 😀. Unfortunately, my StarTech USB hub doesn't work (mine is powered), nor did the CyberPower (powered) I had previously. The UR44 works fine using it, but since the keyboard gets it's power from the USB cable, once the keyboard is plugged in it does not power on. I normally used a Hi-Cap Samsung phone charger with USB A to USB B to power keyboard when using MIDI cables. I may look at another USB hub. As one of my attempts, after I had only the Novation setup using the USB port, and everything working perfectly, I simply inserted the USB hub into the chain, and nothing worked. Once hub was removed, everything worked. Thanks again. Grant
  18. Hi. First post on the new forum. (2nd ever, and 1st put me onto the AZSlow forum haha). I have been on again off again trying to make my Novation Impulse 61 keyboard use either ACT or AZSlow to allow use of the mixer controls. Initially I was trying to use it with my i5 Acer tablet (which has one USB port). I could get ACT to sort of work, but not reliably, but never the AZSlow. I had my keyboard plugged through a Steinberg UR44 interface via MIDI In/Out cables. The UR44 is USB, hence my attempt. Although in both above control surfaces I could see the keyboard commands, and set some, I could never get the template for the keyboard created by Hermu to setup. I finally tried to set it up with the keyboard plugged in via USB, and after re-installing the Novation MIDI driver have it working perfectly. What I realized is that the two Novation input and one Novation output MIDI devices do not surface when device is plugged into UR44 MIDI ports. Instead I am presented only the UR44 MIDI device for input/output. I thought it would pass through and function, but no luck. I setup everything on a traditional PC where I could plug each device in via USB, and all of the above MIDI options are available to choose for device, and as long as I choose the Novation options, everything works fine. I would prefer to use my touchscreen 2-in-1 with the audio interface and the MIDI cables if possible, for portability reasons. Is there any reason that the audio device MIDI does not want to work with the AZSlow control surface plugin? Thanks, Grant
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