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  1. I run the same two monitor setup and typically use the 2nd monitor to have web/YouTube open. My workaround is to use the Windows Alt+Tab to cycle through the open apps to put the browser back on top. Grant
  2. Been a draw user forever as well. Always remember v5? coming on a stack of 3.5" floppies and inserting the wrong one on the install, and instead of informing me of my error, just borking the install and forcing me to start from scratch. Haha
  3. As a winnipeger, I would attribute it to the cold winters. Lots of inside time to play music and work on old cars 👍
  4. If I recall correctly, my techs have solved this issue with a registry modification. It had to do with a low filter and high filter entry. Do a search on those on the web. I know it has worked numerous times. Grant
  5. Over the years I have seen notebooks not providing enough amps to devices that rely on them for power. A powered USB hub had usually solved the problem. My novation 61 impulse has worked very well on both my desktop and portable acer switch12 Grant
  6. I run all audio through my steinberg ur44 and asio, and all audio plays fine Grant
  7. Not sure if this applies, but I often let my displays sleep with cake and project open, and the spacebar I click to wake up pc and displays is also the start/stop transport control.
  8. I installed wc11, which showed my v10. Then, as they say if you read the botice, installed the wc9 afterwards, which activated my v9 plug in.
  9. This worked for me https://www.waves.com/support/activate-licenses
  10. Windows X will probably offer this concept on their new core, where various modules will be allowed to run Win32/64 via self-contained instances. Would not be surprised to see it.
  11. I don't believe that Microsoft is killing themselves with this thinking. With their dual-screen Duo android phone imminent, and their commitment to first party apps for it, this may be a good idea. They have had terrible experience with their store since back in Window Phone days, and they would benefit from the ability to run other OS apps in tandem with their own. I used to be able to install and run apk apps while a windows phone insider, and I think it makes sense. If end-users can find the software they need, whether a complex, specialized program, or a silly social media app, and run it seamlessly on Windows, it can only increase the usefulness of the OS to the public.
  12. I take back previous comments on the year of Linux. It appears that the company many detest is going to allow gui Linux apps to run in their operating system. With the power of Microsoft, it just may happen! Grant
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