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  1. Omg. That explains in a nutshell why I use this software! Over 35? Check. Yard full of 60/70s Mopars? Check. Older is better? Not always, but for the most part? Check. Quirky? Yeah, I suppose haha
  2. Sorry bout the arpeggio, my index finger was getting sore
  3. Funny how I always that Acme supplied everything needed.
  4. Nice. 2018 for me. Feels good with one year to retirement. Like I'm going back to my younger days. Hey, wait 🙄
  5. Can't believe five pages were wasted discussing the periodic connection to the internet as being dangerous , when simply posting his position probably satisfied a refresh of his software activation. Maybe will be back online in six months.
  6. PC shop owner for 25 years. Used to do at least two virus/malware removals a day up to and including Win 7, regardless of the 3rd party anti-virus being used. With Win 10, using built-in along with Malware bytes, the only ones we see are customers responding to stupid emails that didn't get blocked. Bad for us, good for us lol.
  7. Cursive died here officially - 7 May 2021
  8. Apologies. Was responding to post prior to the one it seems I replied to. Still have my copy of Fahrenheit 451.
  9. I Am a MS fanboy lol. And an unabashed one at that 🤣.
  10. You will be happy to know that the new ui overhaul in progress for Win10 will be reintroducing this philosophy. Me too
  11. It is a sign of these times. Many new users come from an app-centric world, where simplification of a complex task can be handled by the software without the need to understand the underlying mechanism. I am 58, and got back into playing a few years ago. When I wanted to learn finally how to use a DAW, my only knowledge of what a DAW could accomplish was based on my owning a Fostex 8 track reel to reel, a Tascam 642 cassette recorder, and playing a bit with a friends console thirty years ago. Having learned and used complex software applications my entire life, I immediately dismissed what I perceived to be "simple" software, and wanted a fully featured (over my head) application that could do more than I would ever need. Of course, all software in this category cost in the $500 and up range. I settled on the newly offered Sonar Home Studio for $60 as it offered a not too stripped down feature set, one I could upgrade as needs exceeded it without losing what I learned, offered touch capability to run on my i5 tablet, and most importantly, looked like the recorder/mixers I remembered. I read most of the guide, tons of posts on the old forum, and came to realize that I needed an outboard audio device, dual monitors, a keyboard with controller function and a set of monitors to really take advantage of the software. I took the plunge, and have been very happy. Was it/is it easy? Not at all. I learn new things here every day. Do I use it to its full potential? No, but I have learned so much to allow me to do so if and when I desire to. As a technology store owner for 26 years, I have experienced the change in how many people view and use software. If a quick Google search or two does not provide the immediate, exact answer to their question, they will move on to something else in the hope it is easier, or pay someone like myself to make it work. Gone are the days of investing years of learning to master the equipment and the craft, rather the impetus is on the result created. As for the OP's four hour failed investment in learning something new and failing, followed by a quick public whine of their precious time wasted doing so to make it our fault , then moving on by ghosting us, this does not surprise me a bit. These same individuals complain that the YouTube video teaching how to tigweld could be done in 5 minutes instead of 15. 😂
  12. I agree that these list types are very fast for work flows. They may appear overwhelming, however in this case, the individual will have purchased each of the items, and therefore will know what each is, making visually scrolling them very quick. Is also excellent for scanning through the list from top to bottom multiple times if you are on the fence in making your choice. Of course in my case, I have practically no plugins, so it would appear more like it's current configuration regardless. 🙃
  13. I use a novation impulse 61, and with azslow utility and heinz's setup file, all controls work including transport
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