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  1. Windows X will probably offer this concept on their new core, where various modules will be allowed to run Win32/64 via self-contained instances. Would not be surprised to see it.
  2. I don't believe that Microsoft is killing themselves with this thinking. With their dual-screen Duo android phone imminent, and their commitment to first party apps for it, this may be a good idea. They have had terrible experience with their store since back in Window Phone days, and they would benefit from the ability to run other OS apps in tandem with their own. I used to be able to install and run apk apps while a windows phone insider, and I think it makes sense. If end-users can find the software they need, whether a complex, specialized program, or a silly social media app, and run it seamlessly on Windows, it can only increase the usefulness of the OS to the public.
  3. I take back previous comments on the year of Linux. It appears that the company many detest is going to allow gui Linux apps to run in their operating system. With the power of Microsoft, it just may happen! Grant
  4. But this is "the" year for Linux on the desktop* ** *If you read this last year, or the year before... or **If you read this next year, please bump
  5. Excellent. Thanks
  6. I don't have a bunch of waves plugins, actually only one v9 and one v11 haha. When I fresh installed on a new build, I had to install the latest control center, and then to get the v9 operational, I had to dload and install the older control center (afterwards) to get the v9 to reauthorize from USB license. I know some were no longer on the supported v9 list, but mine was. Instructions on method to do this was on the waves site. Grant
  7. I noticed that your unit has outputs for both speakers and headphones, which should allow output from your other pc programs to be heard, simultaneously as well. This should work when your device is connected. I think you probably would have to change the audio device in preferences to your internal one when disconnected.
  8. I went through this before, and waves had to reconfigure the mac address on their end to match mine. I simply moved my license to an 8gb stick, and it resolved my problems. Worked flawlessly when I built a new system and reinstalled my waves stuff to it.
  9. Running a 9900k at 5.1 stable on a TUF z390 plus gaming with a simple cm hyper 212. Rock solid. Grant
  10. oneofmany

    Guitar EQ tips

    Excellent comments all. Thanks.
  11. If you tether your cell phone to your PC, you can setup a temporary internet connection for your PC.
  12. Fresh install of windows 10 with no internet connection allows you to bypass account creation /login if desired
  13. My first foray in daws was the basic sonar home studio for $50. Even it was fully featured with 64 tracks. This software, for me, rocks Grant
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