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  1. Well, the PRV is capable of keyswitching. If you want a visual keyboard (as in Kontakt), hit Alt + 0 (zero). But if you mean something like an expression map on Cubase...I don't think CbB has anything like that. πŸ˜•
  2. Have you tried using CbB as an administrator (right click icon and select Run as Administrator)? I think this should be related to file paths.
  3. The faster the speed of your CPU, the faster it'll handle tasks like rendering (effects processing/exporting wav stems). So mostly people who want high speed rendering (online/offline) would choose the first CPU. But since you want more VSTs running at once, I think having more cores is better for you. However, it comes with a catchβ€” you won't be able to run gigantic VSTs at once though...or even one! (I doubt there are any plugins THAT gigantic though) Soooo I think...go for more cores! But keep in mind that too many online (inside DAW) pitch shifting, vocoding etc won't work well (it'll take a moment to finish) due to the slower speed. πŸ˜ƒ Reverbs, delays, compressors etc etc should work fine, but you might have to wait a bit for pitch changes and vocoder changes to complete before you can playback the audio. Hope that helps!
  4. The Virtual Controller (Alt + 0) is fine as it is.
  5. No, I'm talking about the vertical virtual keyboard in the piano roll view. That keyboard gives almost no visual feedback (when you play back and when you play notes on a real midi keyboard or when you draw notes with a mouse) and has no position-based velocity sensitivity.
  6. I think the current PRV virtual keyboard we have in CbB needs some additional features: 1. Animation to show the PRV virtual keyboard playing when we input notes (midi/mouse) and when the track is playing. Most other DAWs have this feature, and I think it is useful as well. 2. The PRV virtual keyboard should change velocity according to the position of mouse clicks, instead of just sticking to the velocity value we drew the last time. Thank you!
  7. Hmm, looks like the product is unavailable though.
  8. I primarily make music for films and games. And of course to produce my own music β€” I like making orchestra, rock and new age, by the way! CbB works fantastically well when it comes to writing music to video, so yeah, that's what I use my DAW for.
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