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  1. Thank you very much, Rob! Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you, Bjorn! Yes, sometimes even I forget what I'm trying to hear while working! And the video file can be downloaded here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/westworld/
  3. Thank you, David! Yeah, it would be insane, haha! There are SO many submissions — in fact, Spitfire has moved the date of announcing the winners to 27th of June!
  4. Ahh, thanks! I haven't watched West World at all, so I wouldn't know.
  5. Hi, fellow musicians! I don't have a song to present exactly, but here's my entry for the West World scoring competition by Spitfire and HBO. It's a video clip from HBO's show West World that you have to write music to. I used a hybrid electronic and classical (orchestral) sounds for the scoring. Feedbacks are welcome. Hope you enjoy! And if any other fellow Cakewalk user is also into making film music/game music, I would love to connect with you! Make sure you say hi in the comments! Thank you!
  6. I'm just starting, actually. I play lead guitar, keyboard and drums, but now I want to learn classical guitar because there's so much more to learn that route! Thank you very much for the advice! I'll be sure to apply it next time. 😊
  7. A soft, ambient song ...and beautiful, I hope! There's way too much tension in the world as it is, so I thought a peaceful piece of music was due. Hope everyone is well and safe! Everything recorded in Cakewalk by BandLab. Mixed in Cakewalk + REAPER. Mastered in Cakewalk. VSTi used: AIR Music Tech + SoniVox products If you like a more natural sound over electronic, you'll probably find this enjoyable to listen to. SoundCloud Link Hope you like it!
  8. Thanks for this! I'll try it out as well. A really weird solution though.
  9. I use that plugin too, and I haven't updated from Cakewalk 2019's last update yet. But BigBang sure has given me a lot of problems in REAPER. I had to activate “Buggy plugin compatibility mode” in REAPER to use it. However, in Cakewalk 2019 it works fine! I wonder if something new in the latest Cakewalk is triggering it like in REAPER. It's probably a plugin bug, I think. I have sent SoniVox a feedback from their site, but I haven't received any reply yet. It would probably be a more urgent issue if you also contacted them about this.
  10. Yes, it was, actually. But it helped me learn a lot as well! Thank you for listening!
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