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  1. UPDATE: I entered the values and hit "set" Palette goes blank again. I hit "Apply" anyways and closed/reopened the program. It did take showing (M) on the mono plugs. I guess it stays blank after you hit "set" but, it does work..
  2. I have tried this “Set the variable here. Note: initially this screen is empty. Add a variable and its value to initialize the file.” I set value to 1. I also tried “Adding the variable "VSTPlugInNameFormat" and entering "1" “ The screen stays blank after adding a variable of 1 and I hit set. Am I missing missing something? The “Initialize File” font In preferences is blues as opposed to black. Not sure if that means anything. Thanks
  3. Gonna ask a dumb question... If you have a mono track (ex: acoustic guitar or vocal ) are you using mono or stereo version of UAD plug? When would you use a Stereo version on a mono track?
  4. Question to those using UAUDIO. What I go to insert effect and choose the UAUDIO folder, I see every plugin, not just the ones I own. Any tips as to how to filter only what I have purchased? Thanks
  5. HI, I received a video with single audio track of Guitar and Vocal (both panned center). The vocal is too loud. Any suggestions as to how I can work to reduce the vocal a bit? I know it wont be perfect. I believe older versions of Sonar had a Roland plugin similar to Ozone RX. I cant remember the name of the plug or what version Sonar it came with. Maybe that could help. Thanks
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