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  1. Sidechaining question: I was previously using Cakewalk ver 7.2, but I recently downloaded and installed Cakewalk by Bandlab. It's obviously a newer version. Anyway, to perform 'Sidechaining' (Ducking) in Cakewalk ver 7.2 I would perform the following sequence. 1) Right-click in the Fx bin of the audio track or bus (to which I would like to apply compression)--this would be background music track (guitar lead), choose Audio FX > Sonitus:fx > Compressor. 2) Right-click the track number of the audio track or bus (the output of which i wanted to use to control he compressor effect (this would be the vocal track) and choose Insert Send > Sonitus:fx compressor. After trying to use this sequence of selections I'm unable to make it work.... "Probably something to do with the fact that Cakewalk by Bandlab requires a difference sequence of events." If anyone has any ideas how to correct the problem I would certain appreciate the help.
  2. I was running a old version of Cakewalk on my old computer, but my computer crapped out and I can't find the Cakewalk CD . My questions are: 1) Can I download and run Cakewalk by Bandlab without having my old program operating on my new computer? 2) Will Cakewalk by Bandlab work with Windows 10 3) How do get the download link. P.S. I downloaded Bandlab-assistant-windows-exe, but when I click on it, it starts to load, but stops half way through. When I tried trouble shooting, I was told it wasn't compatible. Got any ideas?
  3. Pete, I tried your link ( http://verticalalignment.rocks/ ) but I couldn't make it work.... Looking forward to chatting with all you folks...
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