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  1. In my task manager I haven't found the process "WavesLocalServer"
  2. It doesn't matter about the accent. It's a problem on non-Spanish keyboards. Yes the update it's shown in the "About Cakewalk" poo-up window like version 2021.01. But when I open Bandlab Assistant and select Apps, it is active "Install" for Theme Editor only. Click Install and finally a window with "access denied" comes out and the installation is aborted. Thanks for your help Tecknot. Best regards
  3. Hello: Hello I tried to update Cakewalk by BandLab but at the end of the installation tells me: “Access denied. Please correct the problema and run Setup again” However when I open the program it tells me that it is already updated with version "latest version available" I Have Cakewalk by BandLab version 2021.01; Windows 10, 16 Gb Ram. I don't know if with this situation I lack any components to install. Thank you
  4. I haven't found any Patch Change information in any track of the midi files. I would like to know if someone uses Xpand 2 with CbB and it happens the same as me. Thank you for your trouble
  5. Although I save it as a Cakewalk project, when I open it again and play it, It's randomly change the instrument configuration of the Xpand2. Only event note appears in the Event List View data. The workaround that I have found is to freeze the Xpand 2 instrument track. This makes the audio sound from the connected Midi tracks appear on this instrument track. With this solution I no longer have sound modification in the project.
  6. I do the same. It happens to me when I assign Xpand 2 to imported MIDI files. In CbB File / import / midi this way the TTS-1 synthesizer is not automatically assigned and I can route the channels to Xpand2. So I think that some MIDI message in the midi filie deconfigures me the Xpand2
  7. Good morning: I use Xpand2 as a plugin instrument in Cakewalk by Bandlab. It happens to me that when I have a configuration of 4 instruments corresponding to the 4 channels that it has. These I assign to MIDI channels of the DAW. The problem is that Xpand2 unconfigured and when I want to play other instruments sound. This does not happen to me when I use Pro Tools First with the Xpand2 that is included. I would appreciate any suggestions. Regards.
  8. I have used Sampletank as VST2 and CbB has not failed. But I tried to reproduce the problem with Sampletank as VST3 and CbB does not fail now. I really don't know what happened. Thanks for everything.
  9. True Robert Bone, sorry English is not my language. Although Crash is international
  10. When I play a midi (1) file with 11 channels and 72 imported bars, in which I routed the midi channels to SampleTank 3 by assigning an instrument to each channel, the Cakewalk by Bandalab crack. I accompany image with the CbB response.
  11. After you mentioned midis 0 I understood the explanation of Blindeddie. Thanks to both of you
  12. Thanks abacab your solution is the right one and it works for me correctly. regards. I don't understand Blindeddie's solution well.
  13. I have a midi file with 7 channels. I create an instrument track with Xpan2 and assign the first 4 channels to this track. I create another instrument track with Xpand 2, it would be Xpand 2 - 2 and I assign the following three channels to Xpand 2 - 2. The problem is that these last three do not sound. The latter are channels 5, 6 and 7 in CbB and I assign them in the Xpand 2 plugin to the first three channels, which would be 1, 2 and 3 in the Xpand 2 - 2. How could I make the last three channels (5, 6 and 7) sound with the Xpand 2 -2?
  14. When I import a midi file, the Cakewalk TTS-1 synthesizer is assigned to the tracks. Can I change it to another, for example the TX16Wx?
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