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  1. I tried all of your suggestions and nothing works. I've even tried changing the USB port. Nothing seems to work
  2. It works on YouTube, Windows Media player and all other places. But not in cakewalk. I might think it is a issue in the daw, i just can't troubleshoot it.
  3. I'll try to lower my latency. - I cant use WASAPI, it f****s my system up. Pwalpwal, what do you mean?
  4. ere is a video, guys! As you can see, i click ONCE, and the mix won't stop. its so annoying.
  5. Hello David. Yeah, the clicking sound is from my keyboard, to show you that i can't do a thing in the DAW. I have this problem with all projects that i make in Cakewalk. My interface is a Behringer UMC1820, im using ASIO and a buffersize on 11.6 msec.
  6. Hey guys and girls! I've started to really love the cakewalk since I've made it work optimally. However, I stumbled upon a new problem. Every time I listen to a mix and want to change something in let's say compressor or another effect, I can do nothing. the mix just plays and I have to wait until it's done. Do you have any ideas on how to fix it? It is wildly annoying. My computer: 8 Gb ram Intel Core i5-7400 3.00GHz 64-bit Windows 10 video-1575819234.mp4
  7. It works!! I also updated the driver for my interface. It seems almost perfect now!
  8. Hey guys and girls! I have a problem that I hope can help me. I've tried everything! Earlier this month I got a interface from Behringer (UMC 1820), since I would like to be able to record drums. First of all, great interface! Easy to work with! However, i do have a problem. Everytime while i'm using more than 3 Preamps, i'll get a notification "Audio Droput". Are there any of you who know how to solve that problem? I have tried to rise my buffer lenght, i have tried Asio and Wasapi. None of these works. My interface works in other Daws. Just not in Cakewalk. I hope some of you can help me. If, some of you says that my computer specs is low, and that is the problem, then i just want to share my specs: Intelcore i5-7400, 3.00 Ghz 8 gb ram 64-bit
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