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  1. I would love to see VST2 plugins sort by operating system folder structure. It is pain in the a** when you got lots of VST2 plugins to get categorized in Plugin Manager, and I would love to see an universal freezable external instrument plugin like external effect plugin, and a option like MIDI Clip Export in right click menu on a MIDI Clip.
  2. I wish this update included VST2 plugins sort by OS folders I am still waiting this feature so badly it is too hard to organize plugins in plugin manager
  3. Hi there, It is so hard to categorize plugins in plugin manager if you have lots of plugins, I would love to see my VST plugins needed to be categorized by inner folder structure, That would save lots of time after you re-install os or plugins. I hope I will see this feature in next versions, Greetings! Thanks for now
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