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  1. Sorry, I dindn't explain it well. I just edited the original post.
  2. Hi! Recently, I realized that the plugin Black Rooster VLA-FET don't work correctly (knobs and parameters don't respond to changes how it should) when a MONO audio track have the interleave button set to MONO, but when the interleave button is set to STEREO, the plugin works how it should. I suspect that it's a problem that appeared in the last revisions of Cakewalk, because last year when I last used the same plugin, the problem did not exist. Cakewalk and the Plugin are updated to the lastest versions. I tested the plugin in Studio One (v4.6) and the VLA-FET is working correctly. The same behavior that appears in Cakewalk occurs only when the MONO track have the interleave button setted to STEREO. In MONO, the plugin works properly as it should. In Cakewalk, when I check the PLUGIN/DAW Info in the plugin, the Channel Config always shows the number 4-2 (with the interleave button in mono or stereo). In Studio One, with the interleave button in MONO, the Channel Config shows 2-1, and with the interleave button in STEREO, it shows 4-2. Aparenttely, in Cakewalk, turning off the LINK button, does solve the problem. It's something wrong in my Cakewalk configurations or it is a DAW related problem?
  3. So far, the best Cakewalk dark theme! Thanks!
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