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  1. First, thanks for response! In your example you say "stereo in/mono out" in the case I'm talking about the audio source is mono (my DI guitar track) and the desired output is stereo (interleave settings on track), but the plugin is remaining mono. And even if use a stereo source (creating a stereo audio file from my original mono file), it forces that to mono as well. In addition, even if the plugin is bypassed and other stereo plug ins are added (such as Cakewalk's own "Channel Tools") those also get forced into mono. In fact, removing the Waves mono/stereo effect from the chain doesn't automatically return the track to stereo output even after toggling the effects bin off and on, toggling interleave for the track, and resetting audio and midi. I have to remove all effects from the bin, toggle everything a few times, and then re-insert stereo effect (e.g. Channel Tools) into bin to get stereo output again. Just adding information for clarification of my issue.
  2. Hey folks, so if this is a forum faux pas, I apologize. I replied to an old post (linked below) on this subject late Friday, but not sure if anyone waded through the 30 other responses to get to my question. Just as the subject says, all of my Waves plugins that have "mono/stereo" options only playback in mono regardless of Cakewalk Interleave settings, regardless of plugin settings (as in forcing stereo in plugin properties, etc). All three Waves PRS Supermodels Amp Sims being the specific plugins giving me this issue. They offer "mono" and "mono/stereo" versions of the plugins, but no "stereo" versions. In a nutshell, I am just wondering if a solution has been found since these issues were brought up several months ago. The linked conversation has many suggestions, but none of them seem to work, and the consensus seems to have been that it is a Cakewalk issue and not a Waves issue.
  3. I am bumping this because I am having the exact same problem. Using the Waves mono/stereo version of their plugins (because some do not have a specific "stereo" version, only "mono" and "mono/stereo"), these do not work in stereo, and after reading this thread many times searching for a solution, and trying everything mentioned that I could understand, it is still not working in stereo as designed. Has a solution been discovered since this thread went dark, or is it in the thread, but I have somehow missed it?
  4. Simply put, they dumded down the Smart tool by removing some of its previous functionality. According to responses, apparently this is old news. I took a break from Cakewalk for a few years, but recently I have put in over 120 hours on this new project, I have given it a fair shot and will continue to use it, but no one so far has contradicted my assessment about the current nature of the Smart Tool and its current limitations compared to the previous state pre-Sonar X. I guess my hope was that someone would tell me they did not remove functionality and maybe I could just change something in setup. I understand the current functionality, and I'm just not as into it, and a little disappointed. I came here after nearly exhausting googling, manual reading, and hours of youtube videos... to no avail. But you guys did give me closure in confirming my fears. So thanks for that! #firstworldproblems 😃
  5. Before I got Sonar by Bandlab, the latest version I worked with was Sonar 8.5... so I don't know if this is a Bandlab change or something from the X series, but I really hate the cursor editing tool compared to how it worked for years and years and years. In the past, I never had had to switch to different tools while editing clips. Depending on where I you hovered over the clip would determine what state the tool was in. This has all gone to rot. It has some of the functionality, but several aspects have been moved to different states of the tool that I have to manually switch to all the damn time, and it's very annoying. Cakewalk's editing is one of the primary reasons I have evangelized about the software for years. Am I missing something? Why must I do additional steps to accomplish what used to take me one step in Cakewalk? I know the old system wasn't perfect, but sure was a hell of a lot better than most other programs for this exact reason. The box in the photo would be useless with the old manner of functionality. It might be nice to have for times when you want keep yourself from accidentally hitting the wrong thing, but there is another work around... GET GOOD! I have been using this software since 1997. I don't mind if you add tools for the babies, but don't take tools away... that makes no sense. If I am missing something, I would be thrilled to be corrected. I just finished working on my first Cakewalk project in nearly 5 years (after having been stuck in Pro Tools for many years now, whose editing tools I also strongly dislike compared to old Sonar functionality) and I am about to pull my damn hair out.
  6. Seriously guys thanks so much for all the help. I have been away from Cakewalk forums for a few years, and it's very cool that on my first post I got helpful replies and not trolling (as is more common on other forums these days!) I got it working and have bookmaked both solutions. Thanks again for the help!
  7. Wow, thank you so much for the super-quick reply! You made that post you linked on the day I bought my used FaderPort (#timelyas*****). 😃 Originally, I was still not able to get it to work, but I finally found the right combo of settings (took me forever to find out where the Mackie Control plugin options were! Seems to be working perfectly now! The timing of your release is impeccable. I was worried I was gonna have to drop a lot more money on something newer when literally all I want is a motorized fader because I'm tired of drawing volume automation after 100 years, and transport control at this point will be nice. I started with Cakewalk on version 3... as in Pre Sonar, Pre Pro Audio. I think it was the first version that supported audio at all. Again, thanks so much!
  8. I've already done a search on the forums and through google for this and spent nearly 3 hours trying everything I can think of to get the Presonus Faderport Classic to work with Cakewalk by Bandlab, and could sure use some help if anyone can help. First, I have tested the FaderPort in Pro Tools and it worked exactly as expected after following instructions on the first go, so I do not think the problem is the hardware itself. I will give more detail on steps I have taken below, but the TL:DR version is that everything seems to go as manual instructs when setting up in Cakewalk MIDI preferences except when I go to the "Add new Controller/Surface" window with the yellow button. The FaderPort does not show up in the first "Controller/Surface dropdown list, although it does show up in both the "Input Port" and "Output Port" dropdowns. I have tried using the "Mackie Control" option under "Controller/Surface" dropdown since I had read that should work, but nothing. Yes, I have made sure the "Key Aftertouch" and "Channel Aftertouch" options are both checked. Does anyone know why the Presonus FaderPort wouldn't show up in the dropdown list? Any potential solutions apart from simply repeating back to me the steps I have already followed a dozen times would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! _________________________________________________ In case someone suspects I missed a step, below are the steps I have followed: Downloaded and installed latest driver from Presonus Faderport shows up with Universal Control app I've gone into Cakewalk settings and done the following (this is just an exact repeat of what is in the manual and many places online, but I will list it to make sure you understand I have followed all steps. 1. In Sonar, go to Options | MIDI Devices and select USB Audio Device for both the Input Port and the Output Port. Click "Apply" 2. Go to Options | Control Surfaces and click the yellow plus sign. 3. Tried to select PreSonus FaderPort as Controller/Surface - DOES NOT SHOW UP IN LIST 4. Selected "Mackie Control" instead to see if that would work. 5. Select USB Audio Device for both Input Port and Output Port. Click "Apply" 6. Go to Playback tab made sure both Key Aftertouch and Channel Aftertouch are checked. Click "Apply" Nothing works.
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