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  1. I’ve reported the crash to U-He and they’re looking into it. they suggested I try the VST2 version, which seems to work just fine. just be careful to choose the VST2 Satin, and you should be good to go. *but* if you’ve already got projects with the VST3 version in them, you’ll want to replace those with the VST2 version before upgrading.
  2. ah, gotcha. appreciate the clarification. thanks again! I'll submit the bug report with U-He momentarily.
  3. glad to know I'm not crazy! gotta love it when a fix in one piece of software exposes a flaw in another.... anyway, sorry if I'm being dense, but how are you able to ignore the crash? it doesn't let me just close the error, and if I choose No, it just doesn't create a recovery file. I'll certainly be reporting the bug to the U-He site, but in the meantime, I'm hoping to at least recover the project. btw, thanks for the super-quick response. really appreciate it.
  4. it’s possible there was an underlying issue I hadn’t seen until something in the new version exposed it, but I’ve been working in the project as late as yesterday, with no problems (the Satin instance has been there for at least a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been in and out of the file regularly since then). I don't generally like to engage with early builds (holdover from my one time experience beta testing a new Reason version). where do I look to find the crash dump? I’ll try to send that along later this afternoon.
  5. just started using Cakewalk a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it, but unfortunately, after the update, my U-He Satin plugin is causing a reproducable crash every time I try to load a project where an instance of the plugin is present. I've been working in this project (with the plugin present) for a couple of weeks now, with no issues. I took the tried-and-true first step of turning it off, and on again, but that didn't help. I am able to pull the VST3 version of Satin into another project, but if I then save and try to open the project, I get the error.
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