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  1. How do you buy a copy in the USA? The site mentions that d16 is on a DVD. Can you buy a "digital" copy of the magazine on the website and download the d16 software? Thank you.
  2. With regards to the suggestion that the issue may be power supply related; it could be some sort of "chassis shield" issue. Is everything that you have interconnected referenced to the same ground connection at a single wall receptacle in a star ground configuration? If so, an easy test to try would be to flip the polarity of the AC power plug for the Boss BRC power supply in your AC outlet. Just pull it out of the AC, flip it over, and shove it back in to see if the relative position of the Hot and "Neutral" somehow relates to the effective shielding of the GR-20 and its interconnections.
  3. Coupons for 50% off the 50% off currently shown at the website? For example; RX6 Advanced to RX7 Advanced.
  4. The "pedal" is a BossTU-12 Chromatic Tuner. LOL
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