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  1. Currently in the Mix Console view there are only two options for the track width. It would be great if there were more options or a "Fit To Screen" option. Often times I find that with the the normal width, all of the tracks don't fit on the screen, yet when I choose to "Narrow All Strips", it shrinks them to the point where all of the tracks are visible but there is also some left over unused real estate on the screen. It would be great to have some other options there. Would anyone else find this useful? Still loving Cakewalk!
  2. I agree with this request. It would also be nice to have it so that if you load an icon into a track, you could have the option of it automatically loading that icon into the synth rack as well. Currently, when you load an icon to a track, it will automatically load it to the mixing console, why not let it also load it to the synth rack in order to save the extra step of having to insert it separately?
  3. buildanax

    Icon Question

    Is there a setting anywhere within Cakewalk so that when you choose an icon for the synth rack, it will automatically update the icon in the track properties section for that track......or vice versa? Currently, if you choose an icon in the track properties area for a track, it automatically updates it in the console view....which is convenient. It would be nice if it would also do that for the synth rack as opposed to having to make two separate selections in order to accomplish it. Does anyone else ever find a need for this when using the synth rack? Where do we go to make suggestions to the design team to consider this (or other ideas) for future updates. If I am missing something as to how to accomplish this little action, I would love to know the secret! Danny C.
  4. Please ignore my previous post. I figured it out. I was trying to import it as a Color Scheme rather than a Theme. I had also downloaded it to my Sonar Themes file rather than Cakewalk.
  5. This theme looks great! I downloaded it but I notice that it is a .sth file as opposed to the standard .clr file that is usually used when importing colors to Cakewalk. How do I open or import a theme that is a .sth file? Sorry if this is a dumb question with an obvious answer.
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