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  1. Make sure you have the latest driver's for your Scarlett interface. I was having a similar problem that was fixed by updating the drivers.
  2. I tried unchecking Windows Layouts and just about everything else in the Lens Manager, with no luck. I'm not too surprised this didn't work because I have "None" selected as the lens. Yet, when I change screensets the track view is messed up (missing tracks, floating folders, folders that won't expand or collapse). I can fix it by reselecting "None" in the lenses pulldown (which is why I think this problem is related to lenses). Today I tried using a lens (the "Advanced" lens that comes with cakewalk). That lens also seemed to cause issues with the track view. I have a reasonable work around, so it's not a show stopper. Maybe it will be fixed in a future release.
  3. I'm also running build 2019-07 build 79, 64 bit, and lenses are seriously messed up. Everytime I switch to a different screenset, it's as if Cakewalk randomly decides what to display in the screenset. I have "None" selected for the lens. Once I switch to the screenset, I have to select "None" again in the lenses to fix the issue. You can see the UI going through some processing, and then everything appears correctly. Anyone else having issues like this?
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