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  1. Thanks...I must admit I'm not surprised to learn that...how much more basic is the bandlab DAW compared to cakewalk? I've created a full drum track in bandlab that would be a shame to have to recreate in cakewalk...can it be exported? ...and is there a easy to use drum machine in cakewalk? Regards Mark
  2. Thanks for the input...perhaps I'm confused. Cakewalk is the DAW on the bandlab website right? If I create a track on the android app I am able to pick it up on the the website. Therefore is it not a version of cakewalk I am using on android, albeit with limited functionality? Sorry if these are basics...I've only ever used a standalone digital recorder so this web based stuff is a bit of a step through the wardrobe! Mark
  3. I am...its a shame they haven't enabled the function
  4. Ah...I have heard ripple edit mentioned before but there doesn't seem to be a button for it in the app on my phone...I'll perhaps do those bits on my laptop. Cheers 👍
  5. I'm using the android app and struggling to do this... I've constructed a drum track with approx 30 sections. I've then noticed that I missed a four bar section after the intro. Is there a way to insert or paste this section in without over writing what's there or moving the other 24sections four bars to the right before I paste the section I missed in! It seems like this basic tool isn't there or perhaps I'm missing something. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi I'm trying to get my head round the drum options on the phone app. It seems that when used on a laptop the drums have a starting point with two patterns already in place to mess around with. These two patterns don't seem to be there on the phone app and I'm not quite sure where to start with a drum kit from scratch...am I missing them in the app or are they not there?
  7. Thanks John If I chose to go with the focusrite , i assume i just need to get an OTG cable? Mark
  8. Hi I'm brand new to bandlab and my last recording was done many years ago with a korg D1200. I'm time and space limited so the idea of recording with minimal fuss really appeals. I'd like to be able to record in bandlab using my Samsung Galaxy S9. I'm looking at buying a focusrite scarlett solo USB interface so that I have lines in for vocals and instuments. Is it possible to then run this unit into the S9 and use the bandlab app to record? If not, is there some equipment I can buy to achieve this? ...and can i expect decent quality recordings doing it this way or would i be better off using bandlab on a laptop? Thanks Mark
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