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    Midi to Audio

    Hi guys. I have recorded MIDI into Cakewalk from my Roland E-28 keyboard through a Midiman USB interface. How do I Export the MIDI to MP3? Thanks, Frik
  2. I have just reinstalled Cakewalk on a new laptop. It is working fine on my other laptop, but when I open any project on the new laptop (even the demo ones included in the download), it hangs (image below) and I can't do anything in the program, e.g. playing the project, etc. It doesn't show "not responding". I'd appreciate any help. When responding, please bear in mind that I don't have a lot of technical vocabulary, so please respond at a very basic level, if possible.
  3. Frik Boonzaaier


    Thank you very much both of you - I am now sorted. Appreciate!
  4. Frik Boonzaaier


    I am trying to export MIDI to Audio so that I can export all the Audio Tracks to MP3 or Wave. I understand from a tutorial that I should click on the Freeze button, but it is greyed out (for both Tracks 2 and 3). Please help.
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