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  1. 9 hours ago, Promidi said:

    That has never happened to me. 

    Even if you originally used an automation lane to enter the MIDI events, the resultant MIDI will still have them in the file.

    If you open the MIDI file, the CC events would now be visible in the Piano Roll View or Event list view.  The CC events would no longer appear in an Automation lane.

    Yeah I was surprised to see it happen myself.  Trying to figure out the cause.  But I've had a few different strange things happen with Cakewalk in the past.  Bandlab fixed them, though, and now this comes up. lol.  I'll post back when I figure out the fix. 👍

  2. It's been a very long time since I needed help on this issue, and can't remember how to solve it....

    Basically, when I play B2 on my keyboard, I need it to be the kick drum, not a tom.  I know there's a setting for that, but can't remember where it is, and I can't find it.
    Transposing my keyboard is *not* what I'm looking for; there's a setting in CW that shifts the note numbers in some to achieve the goal.

    Anyone know what I'm referring to?


    Been a long time since I posted here, so hello! to whoever remembers me. :)  

  3. I've been using the UR44 for about a year now, and never had an issues with it.  I haven't used it with Cakewalk, so I can't speak to that.  But if could give me an example setup with Cakewalk, I'll see if I can reproduce it and let you know my results.

  4. 17 hours ago, Pathfinder said:

    As I already alluded to...What matters to me is TIME as a Cakewalk user. Yes it's Bandlab but the idea is still 99% Cakewalk and that is important IMHO.

    So we are suppose to forget about old Cakewalk and focus only on new Cakewalk? Why is that a requirement?

    My post count was 3044 but that does not show me as a loyal Cakewalk user. My 28 years sure do. Is that a symbol of "puffing my chest"...Nope.

    It's just my dedication and support of a product I have used and loved for many, many years.

    I agree 100%.  I saw your previous post about this as well, and hoped someone would pick up on it, but I guess not. 🤔  My post count at the old forums is only 840, but I have been around longer than a new user, so any support I give could be perceived as more valid than someone with a lower post count (human psychology is a strange thing).  So yeah, I'd like my post count migrated over for that very reason. It does provide context (confidence, trust) for other users.

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  5. I haven't come across any better sound module than Sound Canvas.  I started way back in the day with the SC-55 ( which contained its own sound banks plus that of the CM-64/MT-32 maps, which were in the Pro-E keyboard that I purchased in the 80s).
    When the SC-88 came out I bought it right away.  I never upgraded from there but I left the music biz a couple years later anyway.  Sold my SC-88, wish I hadn't.  I did acquire an SK-88 keyboard in 2002, but had to sell it later when I needed money.

    When I came back to music in 2015 I found and immediately installed the SCVA plugin.  That's when I discovered there had been an 88Pro and 8820!!  The SCVA has all the sounds of all models, so I've been 100% happy with it.

    If you can afford $125USD, get the lifetime license edition that I linked to above. There must be a way to get it working o your machine. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Grem said:

    Where can you get the Sound Canvas plugin?


    I discovered last night that unfortunately they changed to a cloud subscription model at some point, and is pricey to say the least. ☹️

    I purchased it in early 2016 while it was still available as a download, for $99 lifetime license.  I did a quick Google to see if it can be found anywhere else, but no luck yet.  I'll let you know if I find it.

    EDIT:  good news!  (I hope).  I believe they still allow the lifetime license to be purchased here, for $125...

  7. 10 hours ago, mdiemer said:

    Hello there, it won't work for me. It will cause very nasty noises and crash everything. Same thing happens with TTS-1. both are DXI so I'm suspecting it has something to do with Direct X. Also, and I have Windows 7, which may also be a factor.

    It is compatible with Win7 SP1, so if you didn't update to SP1, that might be the problem.  Otherwise, not sure why it would do that.  I've gotten some nasty noises when I insert it twice (duplicate) by mistake; and I believe when I insert while TTS-1 is also present. 

    EDIT:  Just saw that it's also now 64-bit only.

  8. Just thought I'd put this here in case anyone ever needs help with the Roland Sound Canvas VA plugin (VSTi or AU).

    When I first started using it there was frustratingly little help to be found, even at Roland's own site.  Over the past three years I've gotten to know it well, so if by chance someone stumbles in and needs help, feel free to ask! Most likely I (and whoever else has experience with it) will be able to help in some way.  😎

    One thing to mention, it works perfectly in CbB, where it didn't work 100% in Gibson's Cakewalk.  So that was a pleasant surprise for me.  Thank you, Bandlab, whatever you did!

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  9. I've made my last post there, leaving it at 840 posts.  I just don't have time or gumption or even the words to make enough posts that actually have value.  I'd be spamming the place, and that's no way to leave someone's house.  Anywho, it's all good.  It was a good run; a short one for me - only since 2015.  Glad to HERE.  Glad that Bandlab picked up the hammer and saw. Cakewalk must live on.

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