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  1. Forget this software my producers friends. Sonar was good on the Cakewalk and Roland times. Now is just a *****. Crashes and supportless becomes mandatory to change the DAW for another one. I don't waste my time trying to use this *****ing DAW. Goodbye Sonar! I will miss you!
  2. Any error message John. I used to use Sonar several years. Always found some bugs, but somethyng like that is the first time. The crash was hard, because still not working after the reinstallation. Let me see if I can solve it up to weekend!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Sory guys. I forgot this important information! - Windows 10 64 bits (I installed it one week ago) - 16Gb DDR3 RAM - HD SSD 480Gb - Last version of Cakewalk by BandLab (I have never got this bug in Sonar Platinum by Gibson) I reinstall Cakewalk by BandLab, but the problem still persist.
  4. Hi Folks, My Sonar suddenly stopped to load plugins correctly. Any plugin do not play sound and they are not load complete. See the pictures below. If i open the Kontakt in standalone mode, everything works fine. When i open in Sonar, some controllers are missing and I can not to play any sound. This issue is happen in any plugin that I have installed: Kontakt, Ominisphere, Adicitve Drums .... Is not a sound card problem, because the metronome sound is ok. I tried some stuff: - Reescan all plugins (did not work) - Reinstall some plugins (did not work) - Reinstall cakewalk sonar (did not work) I do not have more options unless to format the computer (big waste of time). Someone had something similar in this forum? Thanks!!!!
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