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  1. I believe he would be referring to Free/Open Source Software and in my experience and opinion his assumption is correct
  2. 'THAT' folder will live forever, and that's a good thing 🤣 Keep the dream alive
  3. Hey that spells PENI . . . O'h never mind. Didn't Straummy get in hot water for saying/typing that out on the old forums?. Maybe there aren't as many dicks in authority here?
  4. and what is this a little birdie has been whispering in my ear, perhaps more competition for the new ReValver? I don't Know. Time will tell.
  5. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=290&t=529757&start=410
  6. I can do it until the cows come home in Studio One and no issues, but whatever.
  7. Yeah, I have done before, as far as I am concerned there is just no comparison for what I am looking for anyway, but depending on style and the outcome you are looking for it may be fine, but for big, alive sounding driven guitars for me there is no substitute. But again, only my opinion, ymmv, and that's fine, some like chocolate some like vanilla and others strawberry.
  8. There is only 1 way to double track guitars (left and right) and that is to 'double track' the guitars, 2 seperate recordings, it will sound so much thicker, bigger and alive, and well just plain better. All the slight differences in timing pick attack, pressure etc etc just makes it come alive when each is panned away. Trying to do it any other way with 1 recording doesn't even come close, sounds dead (in comparison). This of course is just my opinion, and for my style, driven hard heavy rock, but I would never do it any other way than actually double tracking the guitars. ymmv of course
  9. I reported, sent in a support request about that years ago, the basic gist of the reply was that they are aware of it, just don't use the presets and create your own and it will be fine, which is true, but you know . . . So like I said, that was years ago, they were aware of it, but it will never get fixed, but it's no biggie in the end I guess. There is a similar issue in I think the Slash bundle (I think), first noticed it after it was upgraded.
  10. PM me, I might be able to work something out with you, it would include TH2/TH3and TH-U (all full versions, also 4 Rig Player packs for TH-U) I believe because they were all upgrades after TH2 initial purchase, they must stay chained at the hip (and that doesn't mean it will cost 3 X $). PM me if interested.
  11. Gave it another whirl, doing what you suggest (which I had done previously), nothing, nada, zip , works fine here.
  12. No problems with Studio One and Ozone 9 here
  13. Larry, maybe you should remove that link ? Following the link gets you a file with cclarry in the name.
  14. Don't know about SONAR issue, I stopped using Platinum before Tape was released, I've never had an issue in Studio One with Tape, either as a normal Plugin or as a Mix Engine FX (Tape Multitrack)
  15. Groove 3 - send Izotope support a request
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