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  1. What's it to ya?, you got a badge or just writing a book? I think you would be very surprised by how many people who still visit the Cakewalk forums but no longer use SONAR/CbB, Some, it's just for the 'social' aspect developed over the years on the old forums, others it's just or the Deals Forum.
  2. Works fine in Studio One Pro 4.6, I don't use CbB so . . . Don'r have IK Axe I/O, using Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB.
  3. Yes indeed, If I recall correctly it even tells you something about that on that very screen.
  4. That would be good , the Tapes were/are excellent, just shame about the CPU hit, but it is what it is. Oh well, I'm in for the reverbs, another one ain't gonna hurt.
  5. If you need to find your Win 7 serial number from your Win 7 install just use something like the Magic Jelly Bean, it will retrieve it for you. A few years back I purchased a Win 10 Home license online from Microsoft, It was $169AU (which would be about $116US) I thought that was pretty reasonable. You can find licenses for sale for much cheaper than that, but whether they are legit or not or even work is another thing. Can't go wrong getting it direct from the man.
  6. Well, that is not entirely correct in my experience, you can, (at least could, I doubt it has changed), do the free upgrade from a bogus, non 'genuine' Windows 7 install, I know, I have done it for a mate, and I know that his install of Windows 7 was not genuine, because I originally installed it for him, with a key via a key gen. It appears the only thing needed is that the copy is activated, doesn't have to be genuine, as such.
  7. Just as long as you don't make 'Bumper Stickers' I think that the memories of constant random crashing may not be the best thing to bring to the minds of people in control of automobiles 🤨
  8. I could upgrade you for $200US You would get TH2 Full, TH3 Full, TH-U Full plus the following RIG libraries - TH-U British Classics, TH-U American Classics, TH-U Choptones Brit 1987, TH-U Choptones Fried BE50D I pay the transfer fee ($20) Let me know. SOLD
  9. ensonced

    Waves Day 4 Deal

    Are you bitflipper in disguise by any chance? an alias perhaps? (Rhetorical, I know the answer) or just one of those bitter people who can't follow instructions? Personally I have never had an issue with Waves or Waves Central, it's pretty much a no brainer from where I stand, easy as.
  10. I believe he would be referring to Free/Open Source Software and in my experience and opinion his assumption is correct
  11. 'THAT' folder will live forever, and that's a good thing 🤣 Keep the dream alive
  12. Hey that spells PENI . . . O'h never mind. Didn't Straummy get in hot water for saying/typing that out on the old forums?. Maybe there aren't as many dicks in authority here?
  13. and what is this a little birdie has been whispering in my ear, perhaps more competition for the new ReValver? I don't Know. Time will tell.
  14. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=290&t=529757&start=410
  15. I can do it until the cows come home in Studio One and no issues, but whatever.
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