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  1. and here is this from the comments section on the purchase page for what it's worth.
  2. Pre Ordered it back in 22nd January πŸ˜‡ I bet Peter is breathing a sigh of relief 😁 The Satch VM amp is pretty awesome, I ditched the cabs and went 3rd party, if it wasn't 1.40AM I'd keep on going. Started on the SJ50, I think it will be pretty awesome from early impressions, same, ditched the cabs. Don't much care for the Boston 100, unsure whether that will change in time. Time for sleep, tomorrow will hammer it, but that VM is sweet.
  3. Download the new Amplitube from your account.
  4. You likely don't have enough neurons to understand itπŸ˜‰
  5. Scratch that, you do need your real Email address, reading the oh so friendly licensing/activation system, after the umpteenth step you see you do need a real Email. I'll still pass though, it's just way above my neuron count 😁 [Edit] I see you removed your comment about me not having enough neurons to understand your installation routine 🀣 I must admit its a doozy 😁
  6. Well that was fun, after all that it doesn't run, just wouldn't show up in Studio One, in REAPER it threw up some error on startup scan, then wouldn't show up, can't uninstall it, so just looking for what I can find to delete. If anyone is interested, none of the info you have to fill in to get the demo has to be true, they don't send a link or anything to the email address you enter. As for me I'll PASS
  7. That sounds right to me. Just be ready to go when they get their new licenses, they said 'limited new stock' so they may sell out quick, but what 'quick' and Limited' will be is anyone's guess. I'm going in for another one, in hind sight I should have got it when I got the other one.
  8. If it is to do with this forum, just disable the thing that allows followers in your Profile and see how you go.
  9. https://techbuzzireland.com/2018/03/31/jabra-redefines-wearable-tech-with-launch-of-jabra-speaker-sneaker-jabra-tech-wearable/
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