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  1. Yeah, we have got a 'Caronavirus Mask Tip' here, it's quickly filling up with all the used masks, I imagine they will have fill that one in and start another before to long.
  2. Me, it would be just throw it all, unless I knew someone or a couple of people who wanted it, then I would give it to them. To me selling on Ebay or whatever would be just to much of a hassle, especially if you have a lot of separate items, apart from putting it all on line you'd have to go through packaging, shipping etc for every item, and for me the hassle/reward ratio would make it not worth it. Sure it would be good to get it to someone who can make use of it, but you got to weigh up the time and effort you have to put in. YMMV of course.
  3. I might wait until the sale is over, in these hard times if I can't pay full price I ain't payin'
  4. This came in the Email with the April voucher
  5. Lipps Inc, Eddie Grant, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel after Talking Heads
  6. and will gather virtual dust just as good as the old ones.
  7. SSL 9000 is of interest, and Zo seems to think it sounds good Look forward to new BBHG Dimitry Sches makes good stuff, so looking forward to that. Can't get to exited about unknown plugins from unknown 3rd parties, just have to wait I guess. I hope they REALLY up their game as far as Amp Sims go, I owned all of theirs, and frankly IMO they all sucked copious quantities of buttocks, I gave most of them away and sold a couple of the newer ones for next to nothing. Bassdude and the Chandler were the only ones to have a smiggen of saving grace. Just my opinion of course, but I have promised myself never to buy another PA Amp Sim.
  8. Yes not having a lot of extras hanging on is good. I like mixIR2/3 how you can use their Neve and API EQ IR's with your cab IR, at first I couldn't grasp it, I could just use a plugin of kind etc, but I find that the EQ IR's can work really well and sound so good and very easy to use. Also with mixIR you can set up your IR's, blend, add, whatever, then export the result of the various IR's you may have used into a single IR which can be use in any other IR loader, and well just folds multiple IR's down to 1 for easier management. Yeah $50 ($60 for mixIR3) might be a bit steep, but personally for me it was well worth it. I find it easy and quick to use, does what I want hassle free really. mixIR3 is a good step up from 2, not that there was anything wrong with 2, but 3 is nicer and easier again to work with, with the IR Module method (Standard IR's still available as well). The new Redwirez IR's are very good, for me Redwirez and Ownhammer sound the best by a good margin. Recabinet 5 is also very good, pretty lean, although you can't get it anymore unless 2nd hand.
  9. Bill Withers . . . Yes he surely does, and like a flower so shall we all. RIP Bill
  10. Were you trying to purchase an IR Pick and Mix 5 pack? Seems that is not included in the sale.
  11. If I may ask what IR loaders are you using/have you used, and what do you find wrong with them. I mainly use mixIR2, mixIR3 or Recabinet 5, none are perfect and all have a few niggles, but I manage to get past those. 2 Notes WOS I just couldn't get past various things, plus the proprietary nature of their IR's is another thing (wasted money on their IR's now, but you get that ), can't remember the others I have tried/used now, there have been a few, but I have been using mixIR2/3 and Recab5 for a long time now, mainly now I use mixIR3 and the new RedWirez IR's since they came out a couple of months ago.
  12. I just got the Celestion Laney pack and they sound very sweet indeed. No issue with the deal Code, worked as expected. Might push my luck and grab the Suhr and maybe Orange, and maybe Vox , exchange rate for Aus$ is in the toilet so that puts big ticket items in the no go box, so may as well appease the GAS Gods with some smaller ticket items. (I have kept some aside in anticipation of EZ Bass regardless of exchange rate ) [Edit] (Got Vox and Orange, again got that 'boxy' sound, compared against OwnHammer and Redwirez Vox and Orange, OwnHammer and Redwirez win hands down, No more Celestion IR's for me)
  13. ensconced

    Softube Harmonics

    I was looking at this when it was on sale recently (maybe the sale Zo speaks of) got the demo and tried it out, but it didn't really do much for me, so I let it pass. Shame, I was hoping it would be better than it was.
  14. I got a heap of these, but don't think that much of them, for me they have a 'boxy' resonance type thing or something about them, I just never use them. I much prefer OwnHammer IR's or now the NEW Redwirez IR's with the new mixIR3, excellent (even the old RedWirez BigBox IR's with mixIR2 and the Neve EQ IR's and the Speaker Impedance IR's can get some awesome tones) But I might get the Laney Pack at this price just because I'm a huge Laney fan.
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