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  1. No, not at all. But when people just continually speak shit about something, especially when they freely admit themselves to only having a few months experience with Waves, and only owning 2 plugins, it tends to get a bit much. Like when old bitflipper use to jump in every Waves thread on the old forums to push his agenda (we have another one in this thread) It would be better if they just came out and said, 'I have no real reason, but I'm here to jump on the Waves hate wagon, and push my agenda'
  2. You need to learn how it works with Waves plugins, as you obviously haven't got a clue.
  3. doesn't change the fact that it's true.
  4. enjoying their waves plugins ? guilty as charged.
  5. You are most welcome Sir, and thank you for your much valued words of appreciation.💋
  6. Yeah me to, zero issues, great plugins. Personally it's brain dead easy, and those who have issues must be, well brain dead, I can't see how it could be easier. And as for WUP, what's the issue?, you don't need it, ever. Waves plugs rarely have an issue that needs fixing outside 12 months in my experience, rarely ever inside 12 months, if you don't want to WUP don't, if you do, go for it, sometimes you'll get an extra plug or 2 for your troubles. Even if you don't WUP, your plugins will still get the updates, it's just the major jumps you wont get, ie 10 - 11 As for the single computer only? for phucks sake, ever heard of a USB Flash drive? install your licenses on that, then install your plugins on as many computers as you like, just plug in your flash drive to the relevant PC, in that sense not much different to a lot of vendors EULA, old Cakewalk/SONAR included [edit] and it seems CbB, see below[/edit], install on x amount of machines, but only use 1 at a time.
  7. I bought this for $95.27 back in late 2016 (just looked up my emails), messed around with it for a while, never used it again until early 2020, messed around with it for a while again, then sold it. I can understand why people might like it, then again I can understand why people might not. It's certainly not for everyone. Just to far out there for me, give me something more like a 'normal' reverb that I'll actually use any day, IK's Sunset Sound, Re-Matrix, R2, Nimbus, Valhalla(any), Waves(any), etc.
  8. Have a read of the link in the OP. I think the problems hit those whose Windows 10 is up to date with the latest? I've never had to turn off AV, not that I run or have any installed apart from whatever the built in one is called, and I think I have that disabled. I have stayed back on 1903, maybe that is why I have no issues with the Product Manager.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I just run the Product Manager to update to 4.1.3, downloaded and installed fine, fired ST up to check the version, all good here.
  10. @Cat SchrodingerSooooo, until somebody opens the box, you order is both successful and unsuccessful then.
  11. @Tezza Yeah it looks like it is the real deal, when I follow the link it says that for me its a$327.29AU saving, I don't think Elements would be $380AU, also it comes with Melodyne whatever. Excellent bargain, no good to me, I already own the top tier of everything Izotope.
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