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  1. Not sure. I go to Views, Virtual Controllers, Piano Keyboard and it's still not there. What is Computer Keyboard (not that it's there to click, just wondered)?
  2. I tried both but it didn't sound when playing the keyboard either. Just installed Cakewalk on my desktop comp so can use my midi controller now. 😉
  3. Hi All! For some reason Virtual Piano Keyboard isn't coming up on a blank document. It was on a different template before, the basic one. If I try and play it it anyway, nothing sounds. Any ideas why? Nothing in the manual either under Virtual Controllers, Computer Keyboard or Piano Keyboard. What's the difference too between Computer Keyboard and Piano Keyboard? Thanks!
  4. Trouble is if you're not careful, you collapse something and then can't find it again to un-collapse it.
  5. Thank you. I will have a look at what you've said / suggested. All's I want really, quite straightforward, I just want the sequencer / playlist viewing when I'm wanting to sequence, the midi editor (or is it piano roll in Cakewalk?) viewing when I'm editing midi and the mixer viewing when I want to mix. I like to just focus on one thing at a time. That's how I like to work.
  6. Hi All! Sorry if this is a noobie question. I'm on a laptop and finding it quite cluttered the screen. Is there a way of just getting the sequencer / playlist and inspector up and having everything else (console, piano roll etc) vacant and bring them up when I need them. I just want the mixer when I want it and the piano roll when I want it. Thanks!
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